Scam report about Mary Lillian Stott

First name:  Mary Lillian
Last name:  Stott
Aka:  Beatrice Asiami
Age:  32
Location:  Port St. Lucia, FL
Phone:  (630) 296-4778
On websites:
Report:  This woman found me on and sent me interest. Within hours she pulled her profile. I did send her my e-mail address and she contacted me several days later. She told me she was in Indonesia staying in a hotel and had an inheritance she neede to settle before returning to the U.S. I was suspicious of her from the start, but I played along with her. With 36 hours she told me she left her wallet on a taxi and she needed money, otherwise, she would be kicked out of the hotel she was staying at. I refused to send her money. Her e-mails were very romantic. Later she forwarded a bill from the hotel she stayed at and she wants me to pay for. I contacted the hotel to see if I can settle the bill directly with them (I intend to send no money). The time stamp of her e-mails are +0000, which tells me she is in England or Africa. Indonesia would be +0800. I did find some photos of her under several names, so I am not sure what her actual name is. She has sent me several photos, but not the same ones that I have found on the internet I suspect it is Beatrice Asiami. She has scammed others out of money. She appears to be a Russian scammer.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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