Scam report about Lola Williams

First name:  Lola
Last name:  Williams
Aka:  Julia
Age:  28
Location:  Yusk-Ola Russia
On websites:  Looxy dating site
Report:  She tried to get me to send money to Nigeria west Africa on 2-19-2015 repeatedly I changed my phone number was trying to con me you can contact me I have information on another person as well trying to scam 1000's her name was Shelly McKenna who wanted me to send her 200.00 in cash and contact Attorney Barrister Marcus Leggs and Manager of so called security company who I was told had 2 Boxxes containing 2.5 million dollars and I was offered 30% that email is deposit # GSC/0576-plg45 sort clearance code gsc/576-45/mp5633 deposit certificate 405576 consignment description 2 traveling boxes I was told contained 2.5 million in cash she wanted me to ship to my house in Idaho USA these men tried getting my bank info

Status of report:  is still without proof

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