Scam report about oksana 

First name:  oksana
Age:  20s
Location:  Ukraine... ??
On websites:  E mail
Report:  Good day to you, my dear beloved sweet honey Tyrone! Today is the new day for you and me and today from the early morning the weather is calm, warm and sunny so it was very pleasant for me to go to the shop in the morning and to return home in the evening. today i had the usual working day with not many clients as always now and having much free time during the working day i listened to the news what is going in my region now. the peace document was signed but the local fights are still going in the different places and cities:(( so the war is still going in my region but all people hope that it will finish soon, very soon!! listening to the news today during the day i was dreaming of you all time and i so wanted to be with you in your strong loving caring arms and i am sure that you would care and protect me completely, i would not have any danger staying with you!!:)) I love you very much and strong, i am very happy to receive the new sweet loving letter from you today but why did you write me the short letter this time?? i am very interested in you, i want to know you better so i am waiting for the longer letter from you next time. agree?:)) my darling, now you and me are writing each other and know each other better via our letters. i want you would know me in happy positive moments and also i am going to tell you about my difficulties and problems too, i want you would know all my life completely. you are the honest loving sincere man, you have the deep strong feelings to me in your heart so i believe that i can feel your helping support shoulder in the hard time for me. you know that i am the simple woman, I work as the hairdresser in a little salon and my salary is very little, only $130 per one month. I am working 6 days a week and in the free time i help my parents with work in the house and our garden. so as we are the poor family - every summer we grow potato and vegetables in our garden to eat them later in autumn and winter seasons. but this food is not enough for all us and we need to buy more different food to eat well and quality all time, to be healthy. as you see i have a little salary and before i have spent it for food, i could buy it more. but now it's the hard war difficult time in Ukraine, my salary is the same but prices for food and all daily things are higher and higher every day:(( also now i communicate with you, you know that I know English and i write you from my own computer at home so i need to pay for Internet to communicate with you. I pay for Internet to receive your letters and to write you too so i have less funds for food now:(( I am very shy to ask you to help me but if you can help me and my parents a little with food, if you can send me $100 - i will thank you a lot for your help!! I will buy food and i will pay further for Internet to communicate with you, our communication is very important for me so can i rely on you in this hard situation for me now? I love you very much and strong and i am thinking of you all time, every moment. i am sending you my sweet loving air kisses and i am waiting impatient for your soonest reply!! Your beloved sweet honey Oksana.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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