Scam report about esther aigoo

First name:  esther
Last name:  aigoo
Age:  28
Location:  Agona Kwanyanko
Address:  holly moon ave., P.O Box 78 ,Agona,Kwanyako
Phone:  00233249591455, 00233263972777
On websites:
Report:  I met Esther Aidoo on as she stated that she came from Chesterfield in Derbyshire England. it was not long before we started chatting every day and she made excuses about putting Chesterfield on her profile. I am by the way are 68 years old and i told her this but she declared age and culture did not matter. In weeks she was stating that she loved me and that she wanted me forever. Stupidly i believed her and this was the start of asking for money.I sent her money for food for water rates etc and money for her phone so she coyld text me. Then she wanted me to visit her and obviously she said we could sleep together but her bed was old and she asked for money for a bed and air conditioning unit. i arranged to fly to Accra and she insisted on meeting me there so it cost me money for her to fly to Accra and hotel overnight. Two days before i was due to travel i lost contact with which was the 18th feb 2015 on the morning of the 19th Feb i had a phone call from the police stating she had been in a accident the night before he said she had been injured but was now able to text cut a long story short she asked me could i send ?2000 for a emergency operation to her leg. I told her that the bus company was liable for the accident and they should pay. She then said she was tired and needed to sleep. a short while after i had a email from the police officer in charge stating that the bus company would be paying half and i would have to pay the rest. I refused and stopped comunicating with Esther Aidoo and told her not to text me anymore.I have however had to phone calls from esther which i have not answered also two emails from ghana police of which one stated that rthey would be contacting our foreign office and another one from a doctor reporting the accident.The doctors report contradicts the statement of esther and police and the hospitals are not the same IE: i was told it was an accident in a bus doctor states its an accident ina car Esther told me she was in ST.Martins General Hospital (Cape Coast Ghana) Doctors report states Klimovic Municipal Hospintal (Winneba)

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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