First name: Aneta
Last name: Cerna
Age: 32
Location: Australia but origin is Czech Republic
On websites: Tinder, Google +
Report:     Hello my sweet love, how are you this days. I want be near you always and help you everything because i sure that we build family and care about each other all what possible, I see your last photos and my heart say me everyday that i found you and dont want ever let you go, I want love you and be near to see you happy with me. I feel better, i am at home and had to visit hospital few times, and couple more days I need to finish treatment. My darling I need to ask you for last thing, my love, I tried more ways to ask old friends and also tried with father find money to return this debt for operation and treatment because I had to arrange this for hospital, without it I would die. And finally flat owners colleague helped me with this money. I preparing my flight and i necessary need to return money start of next week because it have interest and in a week it will be more, I thank you my love for all what you do for me but i really need to return debt it is now 2200 dollars need to return necessary, my love if you can possible please help me with this its very important now, if everything will be find and i return this debt i will fly to you next week. If you possible to send it on monday then I will try to arrive next week, I will have all information soon, but please try to help me with this last thing. I tryed to do all what in my power to find money but but it become for me so hard and i tired from my stay here, i am lonely and i want you. I dont go for fun or for meet with anybody because i take very good care about myself and all this for you my love. Honey I really need your help on monday. I love you so much and want to hear you again soon. With all my love and i miss you everyday, your always Aneta
Status of report: is published in main database with photos