First name: joyce
Last name: Bolt
Aka: victoria grant
Age: 32
Location: accra, ghana
Phone: 1-864-306-4706
Email: vickyy_grant @
On websites: yahoo messenger currently with this valid email and YM ID
Report:     This person is using past photos of 'Ann Angel' as hers and new photos as recent as January 2015 which can be provided here. A very believable lonely woman story embellished over a long period of time to build trust. Initial direction was $500. to update her passport plus the plane fare to the US both purchased through a 'Traveling Agent' she 'trusted.' Ticket price was not disclosed yet. Marriage was required after her US arrival so she could cancel her 'modeling contract.' Direction changed to strong stomach (tummy) pains that would require plane fare from Accra to Kumasi plus approximately $1,000. for 'clinic costs' for immediate undescribed treatment. Suggestions to contact the US Embassy were rejected as futile based on her prior experiences with the Embassy. Communication stopped when alternate solutions were offered and reluctance to transfer the approximate $1,200. to her via Western Union was shown.
Status of report: is published in main database with photos