Scam report about Mary McCoy

First name:  Mary
Last name:  McCoy
Age:  32
Location:  Accra
Address:  Accra but address unknown, have address in SA
On websites:  unknown - Janessa Brazil sites
Report:  Well it is a long story and I will edit it gradually, it all started with the name of Rose Smith (using the photos of Janessa Brazil) in 2013, I will post more information on Rose later. I was scammed out of a lot by the so called Rose Smith and after about two months I received a call from a so called Mary McCoy from Florida saying that she was the real Janessa Brazil and warned me that that I was being scammed by bad people in Ghana using her model name of Janessa Brazil. I of course doubted her but she went on to prove that she was indeed the real model. She gave her number in the US and I called her on that number and spoke with her supposedly. Within a few days she moved to South Africa to visit her sick mother where some of her family lived. We messaged on YM and I proved that she?? was in South Africa, eventually she said her mothers health deteriorated and that she had to go with her to Ghana where a special hospital in Accra could treat her mother. They left SA and arrived in Ghana, her mother's health got worse and she is said to have died in Accra. She constantly asked for money, both while she was in SA and then Ghana. I will continue this report later. Money was sent via WU and Money gram in Ghana to a Selorn Fumey on various occasions. She say that she will join me in the UK and to this date is requesting money to cover the airfare and join me in the UK this week. Her stories are varied and very convincing at times but be very wary of this person, she is very clever and very devious. I will add to this report later and will supply many photos but they are all of Janessa Brazil and many are shown already. In a very naive way there was always something about this person that kept ones hope that it could be real - active and the contact has been over 18 months, sad I know and hard to take, it has been costly too, I only wish I could know the real truth of it all. Beware Dating Sites are full of Scammers and extremely evil Liars. I hope they get caught.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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