Scam report about Linda Bob

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Bob
Aka:  BASTEN BOADU from Nkawkaw (Ghana)
Age:  34
Location:  from Nkawkaw (Ghana)
Address:  Ecowas street apt lane 2, box 629, Nkawkaw, Ghana
Phone:  + 1 (401) 533-8190 uses a roving USA telephone #
Email: and
On websites:  Skype aka Linda Grew
Report:  [2/27/15, 8:09:46 PM] Paul G : Paul G has shared contact details with linda xxxx. [2/27/15, 8:11:52 PM] linda grew: Darling don't know why the microphone isn't working [2/27/15, 8:11:59 PM] linda grew: how are you doing anyway [2/27/15, 8:12:47 PM] linda grew: I really missed you so much [2/27/15, 8:12:59 PM] linda grew: did you missed me and thought of me? [2/27/15, 8:13:51 PM] linda grew: I can see your face just that I cnat har anything form you too am okay with just seeing you okay [2/27/15, 8:14:14 PM] linda grew: Tell me so what have you been doing all this while all alone without me in your life?? [2/27/15, 8:14:25 PM] Paul A. Grew: Do you like the program is it better than messenger [2/27/15, 8:14:59 PM] linda grew: well it is okay just that am not comfortable with it! messenger is my best app that I love okay [2/27/15, 8:15:35 PM] linda grew: are not able to see me, my camera and microphone nor screen shot [2/27/15, 8:17:01 PM] linda grew: ooh gosh my webcam don't know why its isn't working here [2/27/15, 8:17:54 PM] linda grew: dont know why its isn't working here honestly speaking [2/27/15, 8:18:03 PM] linda grew: that's why I love messenger better! [2/27/15, 8:18:53 PM] linda grew: yes am hearing your voice baby [2/27/15, 8:23:30 PM] linda grew: yes but mine here its invisible here [2/27/15, 8:24:39 PM] linda grew: its invisible cnat show video here [2/27/15, 8:26:53 PM] linda grew: i want you to know that i need you in my life and love you so much no matter the circumtances [2/27/15, 8:27:09 PM] Paul A. Grew: I?m only getting text messages from you [2/27/15, 8:27:28 PM] linda grew: yes read what i just wrote earlier on? [2/27/15, 8:27:50 PM] linda grew wrote: i want you to know that i need you in my life and love you so much no matter the circumtances [2/27/15, 8:37:58 PM] linda grew: Can you see all my message here! [2/27/15, 8:39:28 PM] linda grew: you seem not to answer me [2/27/15, 8:41:19 PM] Paul A. Grew: Ok my camera is on [2/27/15, 8:42:37 PM] Paul A. Grew: What happened to the computer [2/27/15, 8:42:51 PM] linda grew: it was stolen baby few months ago! [2/27/15, 8:45:02 PM] linda grew: it was with my little nieces here and according to them a certain guy came around and took it with force from them!before we came around he was far gone! [2/27/15, 8:53:36 PM] linda grew: i was saying you can still set up a business of your own with the money you told me about in your family account? [2/27/15, 8:56:52 PM] linda grew: say it to me i will hear you out! [2/27/15, 9:07:31 PM] linda grew: okay baby i have given you my email alredy okay [2/27/15, 9:07:40 PM] linda grew: [2/27/15, 9:09:02 PM] linda grew: what could that be? [2/27/15, 9:09:19 PM] linda grew: picturs of what? [2/27/15, 9:22:10 PM] linda grew: thank you baby in advance i wil love to be in ahouse like that [2/27/15, 9:30:33 PM] linda grew: that's gonna be a very nice home! [2/27/15, 9:30:45 PM] linda grew: but why aren't you starting soon! [2/27/15, 9:36:27 PM] linda grew: i went to the bath house baby i will say with this business i have here its a good way of making more money too [2/27/15, 9:45:53 PM] linda grew: My mum told me about the share's my Dad owns here in a golden company which i need to retrieve those shares [2/27/15, 9:48:49 PM] linda grew: i will send you too my pics just that i need a new cell or a smart cell phone to use here because with this computer chatting is not comfortable okay baby [2/27/15, 9:59:11 PM] linda grew: oh okay no problem baby [2/27/15, 9:59:30 PM] linda grew: Darling am having a little problem here [2/27/15, 10:06:01 PM] linda grew: okay baby but i want you to do one thing for me once more love! [2/27/15, 10:10:34 PM] linda grew: Darling now i dont have a laptop of my onw and moreover this computer am using is old here and that is why i cant even figure out the i relaly want you to get me a smart cell baby an iPhone will be okay for me here my love ...which can make us get better intouch love! [2/27/15, 10:10:55 PM] linda grew: even though i know you are studying i know you can help with this for me baby! [2/27/15, 10:14:57 PM] linda grew: hello baby [2/27/15, 10:14:59 PM] linda grew: call me again [2/27/15, 10:15:06 PM] linda grew: bad connection [2/27/15, 10:15:58 PM] Paul A. Grew: Image [2/27/15, 10:16:15 PM] linda grew: call me again [2/27/15, 10:17:24 PM] linda grew: I want you to know that I want the cell too [2/27/15, 10:18:02 PM] linda grew: I can use it here baby [2/27/15, 10:18:11 PM] linda grew: i need a new one which is unlocked okay [2/27/15, 10:20:21 PM] linda grew: darling so what type of iPhone you think you get for me ? [2/27/15, 10:21:43 PM] linda grew: ooh they have but buy it there for me and send through FedEx for me [2/27/15, 10:22:14 PM] linda grew: i want a cell rather baby if you have any used laptop you can attach it but i really want a cell rather okay [2/27/15, 10:24:06 PM] linda grew: so with my name and yours it means we are for each other! [2/27/15, 10:24:32 PM] linda grew: maybe Three will be for us my love! [2/27/15, 10:25:09 PM] linda grew: yes baby but even with one child its a blessing bbay [2/27/15, 10:27:03 PM] linda grew: i want IPhone 5s,gold colour okay and Unlock [2/27/15, 10:27:30 PM] linda grew: and ooh no baby you just request unlock you will be given okay [2/27/15, 10:28:27 PM] linda grew: I know so baby if you request!!! just request when you are gonna get me it okay [2/27/15, 10:39:04 PM] linda grew: i want us to meet at 11 pm by that time i will have the computer [2/27/15, 10:39:08 PM] linda grew: it is not mine okay [2/27/15, 10:39:33 PM] linda grew: the owner uses it and when its night i go for it for us to chat baby [2/27/15, 10:39:48 PM] linda grew: So i will be needing the cell and the laptop soon okay baby [2/27/15, 10:43:18 PM] linda grew: so i need the cell and maybe a laptop soon! [2/27/15, 10:43:29 PM] linda grew: i will love that baby [2/27/15, 10:45:08 PM] linda grew: i can but not now okay baby my Mum was saying something that i need to make you understand that before i can return to the States we need to perform what she said is Traditional marriage okay [2/27/15, 10:46:30 PM] linda grew: but from what i know with you being in the States,you will need to perfrom just some necessary rites here without you being here with me [2/27/15, 10:47:13 PM] linda grew: Just know that i will be needing then iPhone and maybe the apple laptop then baby! [2/27/15, 10:47:49 PM] linda grew: we shall talk more about the traditional marriage tomorrow okay [2/28/15, 7:25:04 PM] linda grew: ooh no baby I have not been to that catholic mass? [2/28/15, 7:40:06 PM] linda grew: am independent Christian 2/28/15, 8:17:38 PM] linda grew: itw as way back in the states and i saved it for you baby! [2/28/15, 8:26:51 PM] linda grew: Why do I love you? Because you are and always have been my dream [2/28/15, 8:51:22 PM] linda grew: yes i love Skype better okay baby [2/28/15, 8:57:56 PM] linda grew: yes i understand that baby but we need to perform the Traditional marriage befoe i can come okay as my mum wishes [2/28/15, 8:58:36 PM] linda grew: will get my Uncle tomorrow hopefully he is the best man to explain things to you okay love! [2/28/15, 9:01:03 PM] linda grew: Darling,about the Traditional marriage [2/28/15, 9:04:29 PM] linda grew: Oooh okay,Darling wanna tell you abit about the traditional marriage okay [2/28/15, 9:04:56 PM] linda grew: Traditional Marriage Ceremony is a 3 days traditional marriage held to signify that one is ready for commitment [2/28/15, 9:07:07 PM] linda grew: there will be a public gathering and also offering food and drinks for the general public to be aware of our marriage [2/28/15, 9:07:44 PM] linda grew: well its simply for the community to know we are recognized and accepted in our family baby! [2/28/15, 9:08:45 PM] linda grew: i have summaries everything okay and that is why i said i will get my Uncle for you to be more convinced about it! [2/28/15, 9:37:18 PM] linda grew: Yes we are going to live in the States because life in the States is much better that living here in Ghana okay baby [2/28/15, 9:39:53 PM] linda grew: you think you cn aget me the cell or maybe the laptop [2/28/15, 9:49:21 PM] linda grew: i want the smaller [2/28/15, 9:49:30 PM] linda grew: the 6 [2/28/15, 9:49:56 PM] linda grew: oooh no i want the 6 rather but i want gold colour rather! [2/28/15, 9:57:57 PM] linda grew: am waiting my darling! [2/28/15, 10:02:07 PM] linda grew: yes it ie but just my hearta nd choice goes for the 6 rather okay [2/28/15, 10:02:12 PM] linda grew: i like the 6 rather okay love [2/28/15, 10:03:50 PM] linda grew: i understand all you are saying and i know just that with the bigger here in Ghana i wont find it comfortable okay handling it so i want the 6 rather okay baby [2/28/15, 10:04:00 PM] linda grew: Just gte me the 6 okay love [2/28/15, 10:07:11 PM] linda grew: Understand me with the 6plus i wont be feeling comfortable here in handling it here so that is why i want the 6 rather okay baby [2/28/15, 10:07:34 PM] linda grew: kindly get me the 6 okay i love that rather! [2/28/15, 10:08:48 PM] linda grew: well you should also know ladies wont fashion [2/28/15, 10:09:02 PM] linda grew: so since you know that baby just get me that rather okay love! [2/28/15, 10:09:26 PM] linda grew: yes am serious i want the 6 okay baby [2/28/15, 10:13:45 PM] linda grew: Darling Don't forget to request for Unlocked iPhone 6 okay with its case [2/28/15, 10:15:46 PM] linda grew: Request for Unlocked iPhone 6 Gold colour with its case for me okay [2/28/15, 10:16:32 PM] linda grew: so baby will you be able to get it tomorrow as you said! [2/28/15, 10:18:09 PM] linda grew: If enduring pain, braving shame, despising one's self for the sake of affection and accepting misery without question is the definition of love - then, I LOVE YOU [2/28/15, 10:18:59 PM] linda grew: same time okay as you know i don't have the computer the owner will come for it okay [2/28/15, 10:19:46 PM] linda grew: so will you be able to get me the laptop too alongside the cell! [2/28/15, 10:20:26 PM] linda grew: ooh no i want the apple okay baby [3/1/15, 8:18:41 PM] linda grew: Darling about 4 times i read honestly speaking i don't really do read the bible okay [3/1/15, 8:25:13 PM] linda grew: I just close my eyes because I might see your face. I just close my mouth because I might hear your voice. I just close my ears because I might hear of you, but I could not close my heart because I love you. [3/1/15, 8:25:43 PM] linda grew: I Love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of all my life [3/1/15, 8:26:51 PM] linda grew: For yesterday's memories, today's love, and tomorrow's dreams I love you [3/1/15, 8:27:08 PM] linda grew: same thing here baby [3/1/15, 8:27:24 PM] linda grew: then with this snow i think you will not be able to go out! [3/1/15, 8:32:15 PM] linda grew: will send you hopefully tomorrow yes baby [3/1/15, 8:32:30 PM] linda grew: not yet but will get it by this week here okay! [3/1/15, 8:32:47 PM] linda grew: So baby will be able to gte me the cell too! [3/1/15, 8:33:45 PM] linda grew: Just know you are the ebst thing in my life! [3/3/15, 8:50:36 PM] linda grew: am here baby [3/3/15, 8:57:51 PM] linda grew: baby I took it in the states [3/3/15, 8:59:36 PM] linda grew: baby did your equest for Unlock [3/3/15, 8:59:49 PM] linda grew: It should be unlock okay [3/3/15, 9:07:51 PM] linda grew: Darling I have a news for you [3/3/15, 9:08:27 PM] linda grew: Darling this news is about Ghana [3/3/15, 9:09:10 PM] linda grew: Ghana is gonna have their upcoming Independence anniversary okay this coming Friday [3/3/15, 9:12:03 PM] linda grew: yes baby its gonna be a public holiday love and I wish to take mummy out to celebrate their day with them! [3/3/15, 9:19:11 PM] linda grew: ooh okay baby [3/3/15, 9:22:39 PM] linda grew: ooh no its about 2 to 3 hours drive to the beach [3/3/15, 9:22:49 PM] linda grew: Accra is a big city! [3/3/15, 9:24:20 PM] linda grew: baby that's the geographical map but into reality its a bit distance between them okay [3/3/15, 9:25:16 PM] linda grew: unless I think its East legon! [3/3/15, 9:25:47 PM] linda grew: baby don't really know the address wil find out tomorrow about that! [3/3/15, 9:26:16 PM] linda grew: Ghana here is developing baby doesn't have those kind of street names [3/3/15, 9:26:36 PM] linda grew: there is a distance between the airpot and here okay [3/3/15, 9:27:24 PM] linda grew: its a bit near shieashie [3/3/15, 9:29:02 PM] linda grew: ooh am not near the high way okay baby [3/3/15, 9:29:16 PM] linda grew: just that road links up to our place [3/3/15, 9:29:39 PM] linda grew: I think East! [3/3/15, 9:37:51 PM] linda grew: not now baby lets do that after the traditional marriage and set thing here before you can come okay [3/3/15, 9:38:35 PM] linda grew: there is a lot of stuffs that needs to be taken care of before you can come here okay baby [3/3/15, 9:38:52 PM] linda grew: besides i want to live with you in our house and not in a hotel okay [3/3/15, 9:39:32 PM] linda grew: i want to just that when i see you i wont let you to leav eme so early [3/3/15, 9:40:35 PM] linda grew: yes ofcourse i will make you know when its time to come over [3/3/15, 9:41:18 PM] linda grew: yes as you know the nation is preparing for the anniversary and yes i did pary [3/3/15, 9:41:45 PM] linda grew: for your well being and for everything to work out for us soon and grant you all your wishes baby [3/3/15, 9:42:15 PM] linda grew: really that's nice to hear! [3/3/15, 9:43:03 PM] linda grew: tell me baby [3/3/15, 9:43:39 PM] linda grew: thanks my love am very gratefull [3/3/15, 9:50:47 PM] linda grew: The road to true love was never easy, I know I've hit all the bumps, but now I'm standing strong saying, I love you, 'til the end of time. [3/3/15, 10:00:53 PM] linda grew: You could put all the hearts together in the world and that still wouldn't describe how much I love you [3/3/15, 10:02:28 PM] linda grew: well baby one thing i would want you to gte me some few funds for this holiday okay wanna surprise mum with a lot of gifts to show the love we have for her! [3/3/15, 10:11:17 PM] linda grew: so how much would you get me for this holiday outing? [3/3/15, 10:14:14 PM] linda grew: you can send it just online using money gram online okay baby [3/3/15, 10:14:31 PM] linda grew: so you give me the info to get it here! [3/3/15, 10:15:11 PM] linda grew: that's only way to get it to me okay baby [3/3/15, 10:16:25 PM] linda grew: Let these words not only touch your eyes, let it travel through your soul, and let it rest in your heart, as you rest in mine, 'I love you [3/3/15, 10:17:01 PM] linda grew: baby use this [3/3/15, 10:17:31 PM] linda grew: ooh okay baby i will be needing it before Friday [3/3/15, 10:17:41 PM] linda grew: you know Friday is the day okay! [3/3/15, 10:18:02 PM] linda grew: thanks my love fro understanding ..sorry if am disturbing you okay [3/3/15, 10:19:39 PM] linda grew: you will need me to give you the details to send me the funds through okay [3/3/15, 10:19:43 PM] linda grew: If you're asking if I need you, the answer is forever. If you're asking if I will leave you, the answer is never. If you're asking what I value, the answer is you. If you asking if I love you, the answer is I DO. [3/3/15, 10:19:56 PM] linda grew: i will send the address to you okay! [3/3/15, 10:20:07 PM] Paul G: Call ended 1 hour 29 minutes 21 seconds [3/4/15, 6:18:20 PM] linda grew: am back now [3/4/15, 6:18:24 PM] linda grew: yes love [3/4/15, 6:18:38 PM] linda grew: yes I like it baby [3/4/15, 6:19:00 PM] linda grew: okay baby [3/4/15, 6:20:10 PM] Paul G: Image 37:14 PM] linda grew: I have no one on this Skype unless you baby! [3/4/15, 6:39:56 PM] linda grew: So how are doing about the funds for us to go out with on the anniversary day [3/4/15, 6:40:57 PM] linda grew: I will always use your name [3/4/15, 6:41:43 PM] linda grew: they will know of my new name and that should make them know that am already engaged to my lover !and am even bearing his name! [3/4/15, 6:47:06 PM] linda grew: apart from my family her and friends baby so probably about 30 people will know okay [3/4/15, 6:47:21 PM] linda grew: already they know I have a my man aleady [3/4/15, 6:51:06 PM] linda grew: yes baby i want a white diamond love [3/4/15, 6:54:22 PM] linda grew: well to me love i think gte me the diamond one okay [3/4/15, 7:01:17 PM] linda grew: As you know baby the Independence anniversary is just two days from now and we are preparing our home maybe we are gonna receive some guest here [3/4/15, 7:01:53 PM] linda grew: so how much are you gonna send me baby? [3/4/15, 7:02:52 PM] linda grew: baby if you can get me 300 or 400 i will appreciate that! [3/4/15, 7:03:35 PM] linda grew: so tell me baby when are you expecting the cell ? [3/4/15, 7:04:40 PM] linda grew: Ofourse baby but this time use FedEx Express it will get here in three days time to me [3/4/15, 7:05:26 PM] linda grew: i don't think this will cost that much okay baby! [3/4/15, 7:06:29 PM] linda grew: Kindly use FedEx Express and i will get to me here in three days time and i will email you with details that you will send me through! [3/4/15, 7:09:12 PM] linda grew: I would love us to marry in the States in the catholic church okay baby 3/4/15, 7:16:43 PM] linda grew: i will be living in the States with you or maybe here to be managing our othe business [3/4/15, 7:22:56 PM] linda grew: well baby when time arises and you coming we will see to where you wanna come and live okay baby! [3/4/15, 7:23:10 PM] linda grew: either the house or hotel okay baby [3/4/15, 7:24:51 PM] linda grew: well i don't think so for you coming here for the first time okay baby [3/4/15, 7:34:14 PM] linda grew: am turning 34 yrs now baby [3/4/15, 7:35:00 PM] linda grew: ooh that's just age okay [3/4/15, 7:37:47 PM] linda grew: Ooh baby don't be worried about my friends because i love you despite our age difference you know i don't want to hook up with these young guys which they don't know the value of a woman ....all they want is sex but not really companionship and my feinds and i have all together realized this so they already know you are older than i am okayn [3/4/15, 7:40:55 PM] linda grew: you know i would even love us to establish a business for mum to also earn more living out of it okay baby [3/4/15, 7:50:17 PM] linda grew: no baby as i said earlier baby they have different idea in looking out for a woman! [3/4/15, 7:50:32 PM] linda grew: they are cheap pretenders [3/4/15, 8:01:25 PM] linda grew: I love you very much, because with you, I found a way to love myself again. [3/4/15, 8:02:59 PM] linda grew: yes because at first after all i have been through those what i have been through i never thought i could be adored by some man as you baby [3/4/15, 8:03:01 PM] linda grew: yes baby [3/4/15, 8:03:07 PM] linda grew: that's what i mean! [3/4/15, 8:06:26 PM] linda grew: okay let me get you the details to send me the cell through FedEx okay [3/4/15, 8:06:34 PM] linda grew: i will email the address [3/4/15, 8:06:52 PM] linda grew: you will need to send me the funds tomorrow god willing okay Name : Daniel Kwame O. Afriyie City : Accra Country : Ghana Zip code : 00233 Street address : Airport street Cell number: +233 548727124. NAME: Faisal Yunus COUNTRY: Ghana CITY: Accra ZIP CODE:00233,........ Darling its my nephews send through that details and it will get to me okay and will be waiting for the info to recieve it tooo! thats the details above for you to send me the cell through Fedex Express okay my love..... [3/4/15, 8:09:44 PM] Paul G: Call ended 1 hour 36 minutes 44 seconds

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