Scam report about Jane mcbill

First name:  Jane
Last name:  mcbill
Aka:  janee, JJ, Jane Hurst, Jane mark
Age:  44
Location:  says she's in london uk . Chicago, champagne IL.
Address:  307 rising rd . champaign il.
Phone:  372 216 3098,239 205 4843 magic jack
On websites:  adult friend finder, for farmers only, our time, Christiandating
Report:  I met Jane in April of 2013 we started off good so I thought she sent me a gift basket like the 2nd day said she and her daughter was flying to london to sell her mother's estate and when she got finish with that she would come here to Texas with me I sent her a few hundred dollars early on she said she need money for food for her and her daughter so I was ok with that as time progressed she said she owed 45,000. In taxes on the house and said her lawyer would pay the taxes on when she got the house sold but she wanted to come on home and be with me while the final details were taken care of by here lawyer a mr.Byran Holly and she needed the money to fly home so I sent her 2700.00 dollars and she sent me the flight details and I went in a few days to pick her up at the air port she was a no show !!! I got a call from here daughter in a few days and she said her mother Jane got arrested at the airport for fighting with a ticket agent and they held her in jail for two days and kept her passport so she was unable to leave and now she need money to pay her lawyer to get her out of trouble I sent her another 1500.00 time went by we were talking about back and forth she said she loved me and wanted to be my wife and get her daughter hope into college towards the end of 2014 she ask if she could deposit a large amout of money into my back account and I let her and I was to keep a little of it for my bill because I was unemployed at that time and I was to for the remainder was to be sent to a bank in China I sent her a few hundred here and there and she sent me a few hundred here and there we get into 2014 and things are goin great I thought she still wasn't able to get the taxes paid on her house yet and ask me if I would be patient with her until she could get things done with her house thanksgiving rolled around she sent me another gift basket she said she felt bad about not being home for the holidays Christmas came and went new years aswell now 2015 is here and she ask if I she could put another large amount of money into my bank account of course I said yes and she did and she let me keep a little for my bills and such she said this would be enough to get the flight home come to find out this is a money laundering scam this brings us up to the end of January I ask her did she realized what her lawyer was doing she got upset with me and said he did a lot of charity c work and that's what the money was for see she contradicts herself right there so anyway February gets here and I thought I was going to have my dream love home the 27 day of February was the last contact I've had with her Ive tried calling yahoo messenger text emails and no contact i have pictures up on request not sure how to load them yet thanks Terry in Texas

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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