Scam report about Ezekiel Okiti

First name:  Ezekiel
Last name:  Okiti
Aka:  Nancy P Lopez
Age:  25
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Email:  meokiti/
On websites:, facebook, google+, and im sure many others
Report:  Posed as Nancy P Lopez in dating site Stole pics from the model Rosalee Ochoa and passed them off as vaccination representative from Houston, Tx that had gone to Nigeria on business to find some supplies for her company. Claimed to have found and purchased supplies but they got destroyed somehow in a warehouse and she was liable for the lost assets. Money owed to the company was in the thousands and she had no way to pay. Started having nightly conversations via texting over the internet on Yahoo Messenger. Had a phone at one point with and American number...more likely an app that displays American phone numbers. Conveniently broke that mobile device. Said he, but really a she, was looking for love and needed help to pay for supplies because she was stuck over their until balance was paid. My friend began sending money to help her because he got attached and wanted to bring ber home. I wont put an actual figure but it was 5 digits for sure. Has an actual Nancy Lopez friend in Nigeria. He/she wanted me to send Moneygrams to her but she didnt have a car and the nearest Moneygram was 5-6 hours away. No worries though, she has a friend, EZEKIEL OKITI, that lives near the store and will only charge her $50 to make transaction for her. Just had to put it in his name. I told my friend,who I didnt know was already sending money, that it was a scam and not to buy into it. He kept on anyway. Paid said balance off for supplies Nd sent her money for plane ticket home. My friend didnt hear from her again for 4 days. O ce contact wws made again said she was in car accident, was in a coma, and the wreck killed someone. This is where I stepped in and did some investigating. Did a Google image reverse search on the facebook profile pic of

Status of report:  is still without proof

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