Scam report about Viktoriya (Wikki) 

First name:  Viktoriya (Wikki)
Age:  29
Location:  Russia, Solikamsk
On websites:  Cute Only/ You and Me = We
Report:  She meets you on Cute Only, continues communication via email then claims that she cant understand you. She directs you to You and me - where each word in your two way letters are charged at 0.06 USD which soon mounts up.From there she still claims that she can't use Skype to verify her identity. Incidentally, after Victoriya I contacted another 10 women. All were very interested in communicating with me but NONE of them were willing to provide verification of who they were via Skype, Wassaap Viber or any other reasonable means. My conclusion of you and me = is that most of the photos there are of models, most girls on the site are extremely beautiful with an unusually high percentage of them having large breasts on show but I believe that it's a team of workers creating and organising the pseudo identities and reply letters. It's quite an intricate scam however I am totally convinced that it's a scam, 100%

Status of report:  is still without proof

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