Scam report about Victoria secret

First name:  Victoria
Last name:  secret
Age:  33
Location:  Locksport,Newyork
On websites:  mate1 ,Linkendin,google,porn site
Report:  victoria dream: victoria dream: Good evening to you. how are you doing , I hope you are doing very good hope: Hi Victoria: I looked for an email and found an instant message. Work went well today............watched a bit of a World War 2 movie when I came I am sat down to do some work in the office.....particularly I am working to finish the last editing of a book project. I have 6 books I have put together, and God willing this will be the year I get our website up and going and begin what I call Road Side preaching......Yehovah's spirit dropped the idea into my heart. I will set up a electronic scrolling sign along the road side where people will be able to read a 15 second exhortation which will lead to the site. hope: The Message was very short that you sent tonight........Have you read any more of my articles? If so, what do you think? hope: Good night Victoria, Gregory hope: I suppose I'll look at your pictures again....why not, you are very pretty hope: Hey victoria dream: victoria dream: Hello Good afternoon to you my dear Greg, How are you doing , Hopefully we will chat very soon victoria dream: hope: Hi Victoria: It is now 9:20 am Saturday, (Sabbath day) Yesterday afternoon I was sitting here doing some editing work on a book project (in that I had come home from work early) and saw that you came online, but you were here and gone before I could contact you. I am back to doing more editing work has come to me to take time to add a certain aspect into the book HEY AMERICA......then it will be 100% complete, and I then proceed to have it printed out so that I can then see it, and examine it and decide if I believe it is to be the final product. Actually I have 5 books all in the 99% stage of being complete.. It is my objective to push them all to completion and have them set up for printing in the next few months, and then the next major objective is to have a websit victoria dream: hope: website created which will offer these books and a large number of few articles that I have written. Victoria hope: hey hope: Are you there now? victoria dream: Yes i am here waiting for you so that we can talk for a while honey because you are on my mind victoria dream: How are you doing hope: I'm well...........I got up a few hours ago, but felt tired so I laid down and slept for 30 minutes...........I guess that is a typical habit on a sabbat when I work all week victoria dream: Oh wow honey im glad to read your messahe thru the yahoo messenger ....... victoria dream: Ohh okay thats good , How was your Night I hope everything went Good by the Grace of God victoria dream: I miss talking to you hope: I slept well, thank you.........and I guess I can also say that I was looking forward to speaking to you...... hope: I just brought up your are very pretty Victoria........I suppose you've been told that a thousand times, victoria dream: Ohh yes me too honey im glad that You came into my Life and I promise you i will stay strong and be there of for you always hope: Ok victoria dream: I PROMISE YOU I WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN .....I had a dream about you Teaching me Bible studies , hopeforlife57: I need to remind you that Imade a vow to Yehovah never to send money to a woman again..........I am up front to say that , for I will nto break my you need to know that, you will never see a dime from me until such time as either you come to me, or I go to you and I have a full proof that you are a loyal and godly woman who seeks only to follow Him and follow me as a husband.......... hope: So you dreamed about me? So, was the lesson a good one? hope: Hopefully I was not a nightmare........and you did not wake up screaming victoria dream: Oh yes i do understand you m and BUT honey if its real from god that he sent you into me he will aslow you to send money to me because as at now God is in me and i am very honest that i will never Break your heart or let you down victoria dream: Ohh yes its was so good hope: I will never send you money........that was my vow before Yehovah.........again, either you will come here, or I will go there........but I will nto send money.......for I have been taken several times......all by women who were each very skilled in their drama and story making........each who fed me with story after story but none of which ever came to me to be a wife to me......therefore, I promised before the Great One that never again would I upfront trust a woman I had no way of meeting and verifying her character....................So, if you do nto mean to really find a godly husband then you need to know that you are wasting your time...........for you'll nver see any money from me hopeforlife57: I like your pictures..........You are very pretty victoria dream: i will send you more here hope: You have veyr dark hair and dark eyes,,,,,,and veyr womanly in form...... victoria dream: Oh well honey i am not here after your Money , and because of what happened to you its makees you dont Trust any woman But u can try some oen because no one knows , hope: Where were the pictures taken, (whose home) and who took the pictures? victoria dream: Honey My Late Mother WHO TOOK ME and t is a retal HOUSE hope: How long ago did your mother die.......and I am sorry to hear that.........does your father live? victoria dream: 2 and hulf Year ................ hope: I'm sorry to hear that.......I suppose you miss her......and what about your father? victoria dream: Yes he is died , Please have you seen me hope: no, not yet victoria dream: Oh ok Let me know thenhope: Did your parents embrace the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) victoria dream: Yes thair all the Chritain hope: I will let you know when the photo share comes up hope: Ok, veyr good......for death for the christian is but passing through a veil to an entirely different and better place........a place of light and beauty , a place of peace and security......a place of rest and not of oppression and endless labor.........I have to admit the day of my death will be the greatest day of my life, for then I will graduate......but that day is in Yehovah's hands, and until then I have work to do and much life to live victoria dream: Ohh okay , Please honey i want to tell you that ............................................Trust is what makes everyone realize that you are always there for them. Faith is what makes everyone realize that you are always there to help them in case they need some help. Love makes not everyone, but the only one in your life who is special, think that you are always there for her, to be with her, to make her realize how much you really love her......................... hope: So, where are you now.........apparently you havea a computer in teh house you stay you stay in a rented house? victoria dream: Ohh wow thats sound very good , Honey i want you to TRY ME A LITTLE OK because i will never let you down and im not here after YOUR MONEY................... victoria dream: Yes im inside my ROOM im sitting down behind my computer hope: Victoria.........I like your words and I believe them.........but I have been told similar words by others only to find out they were only saying those words to make me trust them so that they could steal from me and betray me.............THEREFORE, because of their sins you will have to put forth a good amount of effort and patience to over come that........and prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are truely a sincere and godly woman who seeks to follow Yehusa and who seeks to follow a husband in this life.......I am sorry......if you can not accept that then you are better off to go find another man.......that is just how it will be with this man..........But I will endeavor to stop speaking of that.......for I have said it several times and several times is enough..........So hope: So I will endeavor not so speak of it any more hope7: What do you do for a living? victoria dream: Ohh okay i do understand you my dear ..i am not a bad WOMAN ok just a little TRUST hope: The photo sharing deal has not begun..........therefore I will try to begin it on my end victoria dream: i am working at shoprise hope: But I thin kyou will have to terminate it on your end first to allow me to begin it on this end hope: and what is SHOPRISE? victoria dream: Its its BOOK shop and some of Bible Books hope: long have you worked there? victoria dream: 8 years honey victoria dream: Have you seen me now hope: quite a you have a work ethic, I can see that hope: no Victoria hope: close it on your end and let me try it from this end,,,please victoria dream: Oh okay victoria dream: invite me hope: There it is hope: I see two pictures of you in a red

Status of report:  is still without proof

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