Scam report about Joyce Harusi Mwalimu

First name:  Joyce
Last name:  Harusi Mwalimu
Age:  20
Location:  Kenya
Address:  Zewal interprises 73701 00200 nairobi
Phone:  +254717461605
On websites:
Report:  honey i could not pay for the one month [03-11-2014 23:53:19] Bo Aron Jensen: so now u see what i mean with hellen use all ur credit now we cant talk because of it [03-11-2014 23:53:28] Bo Aron Jensen: why [03-11-2014 23:53:54] joyce harusi mwalimu: bcause i remain with 500 [03-11-2014 23:55:33] joyce harusi mwalimu: are u there [03-11-2014 23:57:42] Bo Aron Jensen: thats not true 18000 + 2500 is 20500 and i send u 21700 so its 1200 left [03-11-2014 23:59:24] joyce harusi mwalimu: noo,,18000 laptop and 2500 for the moderm [03-11-2014 23:59:57] joyce harusi mwalimu: ok [04-11-2014 00:00:17] Bo Aron Jensen: yes 18000 + 2500 is 20500 and i send u 21700 so there must be 1200 left [04-11-2014 00:01:02] joyce harusi mwalimu: yeah [04-11-2014 00:01:27] Bo Aron Jensen: and [04-11-2014 00:02:17] joyce harusi mwalimu: i buy something [04-11-2014 00:02:59] Bo Aron Jensen: what [04-11-2014 00:05:11] joyce harusi mwalimu: extension which made a shout in the charger then i hade to take the original one for 450,,then honey we were with the little girl i had to buy them food to eat [04-11-2014 00:06:07] Bo Aron Jensen: my love im not here to feed other people [04-11-2014 00:06:55] joyce harusi mwalimu: honey i know she just asked me to go with her [04-11-2014 00:07:15] Bo Aron Jensen: is not what i pay for [04-11-2014 00:07:31] Bo Aron Jensen: that is esters job not yours [04-11-2014 00:08:44] joyce harusi mwalimu: ok if i buy the red wine with the rent money then what will i pay the house with?? [30-11-2014 18:45:06] Bo Aron Jensen: ill give u 6000 tommorow ok my love [30-11-2014 18:45:17] joyce harusi mwalimu: ok And much more

Status of report:  is still without proof

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