Scam report about Monica Standsfield

First name:  Monica
Last name:  Standsfield
Age:  44
Location:  Kumasi Ghana 00233
Address:  20th Alajo Road
On websites:
Report:  The classic scam I guess now that I read all the others. I was on when I get a request for a chat on this site. some after I am asked to leave and got to goggle chat as it would be more private. At that time she in Calgary Alberta Canada, after a week or so I am informed by her friend that she has been returned home by immigration and she would contact me by goggle chat to up date me on what had happened. When she contacts me she need money to get her passport which had expired and that's why she was returned home She asks for $200cdn and I feeling sorry for her send $400. Shortly after this I am informed that she need $ for her Mother who is sick in the hospital. I try to send this an Western Union refuses to deliver..should have been a strong sign but I still believe her. Then I try to send it to her pastor at her church..again western union refuses to deliver. Around this time or a little before I register on this site and start to do due diligence a little late but better late than never. Know sign of her shows up an any site that I could find. I am very Leary of the whole thing but still can not prove anything. Her Birthday is to be 6-7 May and a week or so before this I decide that I will get her a Tablet so that we could see each other. Well loading this tablet and trying to make sure its up and running well I ask her for her goggle pass word which she sends me, I register the Tablet in her name and check to make sure its up and running properly I discover the trash has not been emptied so with a look in this I find 6 more guys she is writing to one as late as 1 may. So I confront her with this and she says she deleted so she would only be with me. Having full access to her goggle account I had restored all the deleted e-mails. When confronted with the 1 May one first she deny s it and I tell her to look again at her inbox which makes angry and of course this is all my fault that I did not trust her, But she still loves me. A lot of the e-mails where cut and paste, she would disappear for 10-30 minutes at a time when we where chating sometimes it was that she fell asleep or that her internet connection was not working. and of course the other men she was talking to as well as me. I have all the emails and even the emails of the other guys, and of course pictures.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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