Scam report about Becky smith

First name:  Becky
Last name:  smith
Aka:  Becky smith
Age:  35
Location:  nigeria
On websites:  hotmail, Yahoo messager
Report:  she is a pathological lieing scamming fraud that will use any intentional lie just to scam and steal money from any one as she did to me.she lies to u about coming to be with you and lies to u about her love for u and allways talks to as many guys behind your back as she can so she can scam from asmany as possible. Names she uses to collect money adageko dare from nigeria Samuel abedayko from Malaysia and a Helen The eefc and nigeria immigration officer are in fact notifiled of the danger of the nasty lieing scammer she is to stop her from leaving the country . She is to be shipped back to malaysia to where they still have the hanging for people that Are catch stealing .money gram and western union are aware of becky and all 5 people she uses to collect her and western union have a record of over 500.000 .00 That she has scared in the past. 4 years she is a danger to the innocent people with her lies She needs to be stop and prosecuted for her crimes.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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