Scam report about denise osborne

First name:  denise
Last name:  osborne
Aka:  angellady85
Age:  31
Location:  Ghana....Accra
Address:  no,5 agbamo street airportresi.area
Phone:  233230268395
On websites:  kneppex
Report:  This woman (or man) has been scamming me for about 6 month. She is very sweet careful and loving as long you send money thrugh western union. She took me with storm, i was rearly in love with her, so i have send her about 5ooo$ Some of the money was for plainticket visa and medical repport. The day she should leave Ghana i got a phone call, it was airport custom service, they asked me if Denise Osborne was my woman, i said yes, they needed to tell me she was in there costerty for smugling 5kg of pure gold i her luggage. She had told me she had inherited 69kg of gold from hers deceased father. She have send me a ownership document of the 69kg, but there is a problem it will cost a lot of money to get it into hers name. I have send her money to bye her free from trial. In her profil she was from Australia, but after hers father did she moved to live with hers Auntie (called Lucy Essel) in Ghana. I could tell much more, but i can only tell you stay away from Denise Osborne she is total fake. Dont be in love with her, she is very beautiful and loving, have many fantastic pictures to send you, many of them nude pictures. Please boys stay away from scammer it will only cost you a lot of money and you will never se her in real life. F.P.E.....Denmark.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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