Scam report about Helen Jonah

First name:  Helen
Last name:  Jonah
Aka:  Helen Branker, Yvette Turner
Age:  31
Location:  Indianapolis, IN
Address:  108 E Arizona St.
Phone:  (702) 720-6392, (317) 205-6811, and +234 (701) 361-9026
On websites:  Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Google Phone
Report:  Definite Romance Scam, with other scam types attempted her initial phone # is (702) 720- 6392. But she will never voice talk, only text, and try to make you use yahoo messenger instead First she tells you she loves you and wants to marry you and that her dead parents were very rich and left her over 20 million dollars, but cannot get until married. But she has no money and lots of problems, and tries to get you to send to her, when you refuse, she asks if you will cash a check for her and send her the $$, she keeps on asking for things, and starts to call you her husband, and says over and over all the time that she lives you so much and wants to be with you. 1st she's from Philadelphia, then Indianapolis, but I caught her having Nigerian phone # in her Facebook profile (+234 701-361-9026) which she quickly removed when I asked her about it , and she says her Facebook keeps getting hacked and that is why. She claims to have a sister who needs you to send her several hundred $$ so she can come to you and live happily ever after. She claims to have relatives all over the place including Africa and Asia. She did convince me to buy her a phone and to send it to 108 E. Arizona St Indianapolis, IN 46225, and told me to send to her sister Yvette Turner there...during process, I told her I need her SS#, and she gave me one: 315-78-5787, and another phone # for contact of delivery of phone for Yvette Turner (317) 205-6811, as well as birthday: 10/14/2which is to be delivered today. NOTE: Nigerian # was never given to me, but was found as contact # in Facebook,, so I think that is main one. So 3 different names given, and 3 different phone #s, and pictures changed from one woman, to another and then another. I don't know if she's Helen Jonah ( which she claims the most) or Helen Branker or Yvette Turner. She never answers your questions or requests and only seems to be able to type 'I love you so much , honey, my husband,and I'm sorry. Based on hours of typical contact, I think she is in Nigeria, but that there may be more than just one person involved. I almost believed her until she told me the only wY she could come to be with me is if I send her sister $300- and her sister will buy flight and she will let me know when she's coming a few days after she receives Western Union money. I called her out several times saying I'd never send money and think it's disgusting for some to even ask someone they don't really know, and she cools down for a few days, but it quickly goes back to needing to get $$

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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