First name: Edra
Last name: Cox
Aka: EdraFox
Age: 33
Location: UK London
On websites:
Report:     Contacted me thru ALT . Within a couple of email exchanges is wanting me to purchase training kits. Never comments on anything you say in your email replies. Just seems to send out standard template letters. Had several similar letters lately which I will submit separately, weirdly in all the emails the sender claims to be a sculpture seller in the art market. extract from 1 email below. Very good my silly asshole whore. this is gonna be a very long mail, all we have to do is try and see how it goes as long as you'll be submissive and respectful. With me, your age or personality don't count and matter as I am always right and will continue to be your superior, I hope this is very clear? You must learn to smile and complement me even when you're in pain, be more grateful to me especially when I'm the cause of your pain. I will make pain your pleasure as seeing you smile will become a taboo because i will always slap you dirty face with my firm, spotless and a worth dying for super boobs but if you can smile through all this humiliations then I'll be fully convinced you were born to be a slave to me alone....I am a mistress in every sense of the word. I'm giving you an opportunity to exchange emails with me and I think its enough to start with until I'm sure you're capable of serving me without fear and limits... I don't have time for time wasters..... well, I'll have to be sure you're the right slave who'll always impress me when I'm a lone or out with friends. I am a very beautiful and intelligent lady so you have to always adore and be submissive to my orders, with me the only free permission you have is doing whatever you know will put a smile on my face even when i didn't request for it.. If you can't read in between the lines, all i am saying is that i am a mistress when i need to be and a responsible lady when time calls as i love gifts and i also love to be taken to dinners and amazing places...i guess you have a lot to learn from me so always pay attention to every of my emails as I would one day ask you a few questions from them. i have longed for a dedicated and humble slave for a while now and I'm ready to have 1, i will send 2 pics of me to you and i expect you to do the same. I am, 32 years old and I believe tho I am young, I am of a matured heart,
Status of report: is still without proof