Scam report about Olga Peskova

First name:  Olga
Last name:  Peskova
Age:  25
Location:  Yekaterinburg, Moskow
Email:  Olga known
Report:  Here she's last letter from 06.06.2015 Hello, my sweet prince Tonu! I am happy to find your letter with your kind and gentle words, thank you for every word you wrote!!Thanks for your photo. Right now i am in Moscow, found one internet cafe near by to write you this letter. The road to Moscow passed without any obstacles. But one problem appeared already when i thought i almost left the country. Not a big problem, however if i do not solve this fast i will not be able to left the country and arrive to you. It concerns about a small amount of cash and only just one mention about cash makes me feel so ashamed. You are in my life, in my soul and in my heart forever! But, i feel so down and upset now cause of this problem. I'll try describe it to you. Different countries have their own traditions and laws. Specially when we talk about russia, where, due to political situation, law fields is always on the move. Cause of my english level it is hard for me to pick up a right words to clarify a whole situation, hope you'll understand me. The situation is also complicated with a lack of TIME - my flight departures soon. But, before my flight, i must solve this problem, if i fail i will lose everything! Time constraints makes this problem almost impossible for me to solve. The problem IS - it seems that i have some unpaid utility bills. It includes gas, water, electricity and communal repairs costs. It turns out that due to some country laws i cannot move abroad until i'll pay these bills!!!!!!!! Do you have a similar laws in your country? I do not know for whom our government chasing for, emitting such kind of laws, but at the end a regular peoples like me are suffering. However i have an utility debt for two months and it's equal to 22 300 rubles or 390 USD. I saved 70 USD for emergency case or for small road expenses, i paid them to reduce my debt sum. So now i have to find the rest of the sum that is equal to 18 240 rubles or 320 USD. I will not be permitted to get on my flight until i pay this debt in full amount!!! This act came into force recently and i did not knew about that, but still i feel myself so stupid and i cannot stop blaming myself because of this all. I start searching for this cash right after i was told about my utility debt, sadly i have nobody i can ask for cash in Moscow, no friends or relatives here. I also cannot reach Sveta or any other peoples i know to ask for help. I also tried to get some cash from the governmental program i am participating in, i asked them to give me a part of my grand right here without reaching your country but i was told that this grant is for educational purposes only and they will not pay any kinds of my debts. So, this is the situation i am in here, i have no cash left with me, i cannot find any although i tried like mad. I feel myself so low-spirited. Tonu you are my one and only hope in this situation! I swear to you, as soon as i'll reach you and get my 12 000 USD from the embassy i'll give every cent back to you! All i need now is to pay the rest of this debt fast and get to you. I need this 320 USD to pay this bill completely and the problem will be solved, so we could make our mutual dream come true! You are everything i am thinking of now, i need you, i need your love, i need all of you! It is necessary to pay this 320 USD as soon as it possible, time is running out. I hope you'll forgive me for i let this happen! I wish i could have a time to explain a whole situation more precisely. But, there is always a time for a gentle kiss for you my precious Tonu!!! I'll tell you all about my adventures, about this long trip, describe you everything that happened when we will be near each other, touching and feeling our skin and lips. And we will be laughing about all of this little difficulties. There is no need and no time for unnecessary questions, i am just asking you to help me as soon as you can. I am so scared to lose you!!! All that left for me is hope that you'll be able to help me! I pray that you could help me! My love I has learnt today as it is possible to send money. It is system is called MoneyGram It very quickly and safely. You only need to know my data. In the end of my letter I will give to you all necessary data. It's such a shame for me to ask for your help, but if i'll not be able to find this cash, i'll not arrive to my practice location, i'll not arrive to you. Hope you'll help me. Once again, i'll return this sum as soon as we meet! I know, you'll not leave me now, in this catastrophic situation. From your letters i realised that you are reliable man, a real Man! I want you, i want to be with you, you are such a marvellous person, so kind and full of passion! I want to feel you inside of me! In every little hole of my body, that wants only you! I want to know the taste of your body and your love juice, i want you so desperately! This last wild days left me no time and mood for masturbation and now i am getting so excited and wet just from one thought about you in my bed! You became so essential to me and i know you understand a true value of having a person in your life, who loves you so sincere and deep, like i love you! i am cherishing every part of you, of your soul and body and i do not want even think about losing you! I really hope that you understood my situation correctly and still think only good thoughts about me. In this hard hour i need your support and understanding! i desperately need to see that you care about me, even just a little, now like never before i need to feel that you are on my side! I passed a lot of things to get closer to you and now, it's just this last obstacle left between us. We can be together so soon, eye to eye, do all the beautiful, sexy and gentle things in the world together! You, me and our desires! I want you so much, and i hope you feel the same for me! Time isn't on our side so i'll be expecting your quick reply with a big hope and devotion! Sending all the kisses i can send to you Tonu... Yours till the end of times, Olga. P.S As I promised, I'll tell you my personal information needed to transfer money: My name: OLGA My surname: PESKOVA Country: Russia City: Moscow Postal code: 127000 When you can send the money, give all the information on money transfers!

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