Scam report about Deborah Ringwell

First name:  Deborah
Last name:  Ringwell
Age:  37
Location:  United States, Miami
On websites:
Report:  My Brother Frederick Svoboda is being scammed. Send Money orders to 2 times. First one for $1,250.00 then another for $2,000.00 He sent them both to New York City to a girl that is suppose to live in Miami, Florida. She has a British accent and only texts my brother. She has changed her phone number 1 time that I know of. She told my brother someone attacked her and stold her phone then immediately had a new number which is the one I listed. We have tried everything to get him to stop but, he is so caught up we cannot budge him. I'm afraid she will clean him out and he will have nothing left for retirement. He is 71 yrs. old. I am his sister. Thank you! Joanne Sylvain

Status of report:  is still without proof

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