Scam report about Many used polina,polinna,lisa,leza,Larisa and othe many petreus,nesterchuk,T,busyreva,busyiireva,etc

First name:  Many used polina,polinna,lisa,leza,Larisa and othe
Last name:  many petreus,nesterchuk,T,busyreva,busyiireva,etc
Aka:  unknown many names used at will
Age:  34 but other ages used also
Location:  Many she travels and uses different places to start scams claim keiv,Kostoromaand others
Address:  unkdifferent ones shownnown
Email:  many com/lizaesterchuk, etc
On websites:,yandex,facebook,aol,eatherabilityn,gov,others uses pay sites for system use.
Report:  Started with letter 1 a solicitation to write her as a pen pal,ltters got deeper and deeper claimed love and wanted to meet in States was to go on vacation then needed hel then needed money for visa and living and plane tickets. claimed to of went to Moscow but embassy people say not. wanted money sent to bank gave full instructions to make out to polina busyiireva as per her letters. noted she appears to of worked several at same time. some letters same as already on your site.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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