Scam report about Juliya Gerochka

First name:  Juliya
Last name:  Gerochka
Age:  29
Location:  Kirov, Ukraine
Email:  Juliya_Gerochka
On websites:  RissianCopido
Report:  I never invite her to Vitit me, opposite, I did write I am comming to Visit her. She write me in many laters that soldier have rape hers girl frind and may girls, just to make me feel soory, and sudently she decidet to visit me ? -----Original Message----- From: Juliya_Gerochka [] Sent: 13. juli 2015 09:29 To: Ivan T Subject: I like you very very very much needed Hello my love Ivan I am very happy to receive your letter. Each your letter to me warms the soul. Ivan I am very glad that you responded positively to my letter. I'm very happy that you want to meet me. I appreciate your determination, I see that you're a real man, and that makes me very happy. But the problem is that I do not have that kind of money to ensure that all pay. This is madness Ivan I think you as a man to take everything in your hands. I just have no opportunity to find enough money to pay for it. In fact, I thought that you help me with this, because you're a man. I am now very inconvenient to you to talk about it, I'm ashamed that I'm asking you for money. But if you look at it from the other side, I am not asking you for money. I just want to give you all the information so that you yourself are all paid for so I could fly to you. Today I was in a travel agency. I learned all the details. Ivan I was told that I should execute the following documents: 1. Passport - $ 50 2. Health insurance - $ 110 3. Tourist visa - $ 92 I do not have that kind of money. I do not know how I deal with this problem. I can not solve this problem alone. I told agency employees that this question will decide my man. I told them that you will contact them and solve this problem.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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