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First name:  ?????
Last name:  ??????????
Age:  34
Location:  Lughansk, Ukraina
Phone:  +380665843243
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Report:  We agree to meet in Kiev, she say she will meet me at the airport, and she have book hotel or us aleady and arrange her way, by taxy to Kharkov and train to Kiev.She wrote she hape pay aready, she never mention anything om money to me, she never ask me to pay something. She met me at the airport with taxi and we drive stright to supermarket where is BankATT automat, she ask me to take out 600US$ she have loan from work to pay her way to Kiev ?? And I did !!! She have not book hotel for us, but apartment for her til we are sure we like each other. So I book hotel and we drive (still wth taxi) to the hotel and tell me to pay taxi driver 50EU exstra. We went to the room and she got the gifts I had for her, and after few minutes she ask me for 200 EU to buy new underweare she wantet to be sexy for me !! BH for 200 EU, I give her, she back and ask me for 100 EU to buy sim card for her phone. We went for dinner and at the restaurant she ask me for 100 EU to go to make hers nail so she can meet me happy in the morning. And she went to the apartment she rent. For 8 hour she manage to suck from me 600US$ and 400 EU ++++ Dear Ivan, thank you very much thatt you understand me. Thank you!!! I also need to check when i can to be in Kiev, cause i live very far from there and also my region is occupaited now, so i need to overcome some extra distance for to get to Kiev. But! I will do it! I only need to check all possible ways.Here is my e-mail address: Please, write to me there few words and we will stay in contact. Dear Ivan, i will truy to check today when we can to meet each other in Kiev and, please, check your flights too Of course i will meet you at the airport and i will make a hotel reservation for us, and i will be your the best guide during our meeting. I am a bit tired from lonely, so i hope so so much that together we can to find our happiness. I really hope so!!!! Kiss you! Yours Elena ????? July 6, 2015 12:20 PM Translate From: ????? ?????????? [] Sent: 8. juli 2015 07:09 To: Ivan T Subject: Ivan and Elena:) Good morning my Dearest man Ivan! Ohhhh....It is so nice to start my day at work from your mails:) I like a lot your letters and not so important if this mails are long or short... The most important to know that you think about me:) Oh, this is sooo nice to know that soon we will meet each other in real life and I know that we will make each other sooo happy!:) Well... What can I say?:! I am in Love;) I wish you a very nice Wednesday my Darling Kissing you tenderly Yours and only yours woman Elena! From: ????? ?????????? [] From: ????? ?????????? [] Sent: 6. juli 2015 19:23 To: Ivan T Subject: Re: meeting Hello again my Darling! I am sorry that I hadn't chance to write to you before now... but here is really a lot of work and also I did a lot of work for to get possible for me to come to Kiev for to meet you. But:) I did it!!! And already in 1 week we will be together:) Well... fir me all this is a bit new, so I hope you will be good to me, cause I am going to overcome this big distance only because I believe in US: Dear, I live in occupaited region and from my place is impossible to fly at all( all airports been crushed - I mean Lugansk and Donetsk airports). And also now no train and no legal bus conbection, so I will come to Kiev via Kharkov. I will get on a taxi to Kharkov and from Kharkov I will get direct train to Kiev. It is fast and comfortable train, so I do not need to fly:) Do not worry about my trip - I found nice way for me. Dear I bought my tickets and hotel room for us already, so you do not need to be worry about! I did and in future I will do all my best for us. I hope when I will come to you - you will take very good care about me as well. My Dear Ivan, so..I will arrive to Kiev at 6.50 morning on Monday 13 of July and I will go back on Thursday 16 of July at 18.05 evening. I ordered hotel from 13 till 16 of July. Now it is time for me to go to home, so I will write to you more tomorrow, and, please, write to me your mobile number and then we can to stay in contact by SMS too:) Wow:))))))) I feel so so good and exciting:) I like you a lot, my dear Ivan, and I am soooo happy that we have found each other again! Meade, be good to me, cause I am very serious about you and me! I wish you a very good evening and good night! Kissing you tenderly! Yours and only yours woman Elena! P.S. Not so many days left and we will kiss each other in real;) You can to book your tickets now and then dr d me yours flight information, so I will meet you in time at the airport! Oh, it will be so special monent when we will see each other in first time! For sure I will be nervous;) From: ????? ?????????? [] Sent: 6. juli 2015 15:25 To: Ivan T Subject: Re: meeting Hello again my Dear:) What are you going now? I am searching for ticjets on 13 of July:) If my biss will give to me a confirmation today about my free days then I will order this tickets. If everything will be ok then I am goi g to be in Kuev at 6.50 in the morning ini day! I hope so so much that already in 1 week we can to meet each other in real life. From my side I really want thus a lot! Kiss you!!!

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