Scam report about Amy Emily

First name:  Amy
Last name:  Emily
Age:  45
Location:  India
On websites:
Report:  On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 11:47 PM, Amy emily wrote: Hello Slave, I am very serious about Dominating you. I think you should be mature and honest,and know how to serve and treat a Goddess like me.. I am very adventurous and experienced, and i will like to take you on a journey of a life time (long term) if you prove worthy of my Supremacy. I am serious about my search for a slave and would consider you further if you can follow My rules. I will like to know everything about you.I would like you to answer the following questions to enable me know more about you; 1. What's your full name and where do you live ? 2. What do you do for a living and how often do you work ? 3. When did you join the site and how many women have you been chatting and exchanging emails with? 4. Do you live alone? 5. You live in your own house or renting? 6. Do you drive? Any form of disability? 7. Do you have kids? If yes how many? Do they live with you? (I have no problem if they do though). 8. Are you married and does anyone know about your kinky lifestyle? 9. Have you ever been a slave?. If yes, how many women have you served?. How long did you serve?. Why did you leave your previous mistress? 10. Are you ready to be totally devoted to mistress and be totally obedient,honest and submissive to mistress, 100%? 11. How old are you? That will be all for now.I would like to see some of your picture in your response. what are your fetishes,kinks and fantasies .Take good care of yourself and I would love to hear from you soon. Mistress Amy Hello Slave, I have been quite busy lately and I feel good to finally have some time to sit here and write you. Practically, I need you to know this is my first time of seeking a slave online but I think I'm just going to do my best to put something meaningful down for you...Firstly, I do want you to know that I'm not a prodomme. I'm looking for a personal slave we can both share a mutual understanding, respect and I have a feeling that we would build something out of our respective wants. Basically, I've been practically aware of the kinky lifestyle and bdsm in general since I started my adult life. I enjoy fetish sex and the whole idea of having a man under my leash, I live for female supremacy and I do my best to practice what I preach! My understanding of bdsm is that it is a way of life. Over the years of training slaves, I've realized that there is a vast range of activities and intensities that are possible in bondage play and fetish sex. I found out while in college that I enjoy being in total control during sexual activities which led me to begin exploring an inner desire. It's a good thing that you are interested in being my slave, I can assure you that as far as BDSM is concerned , you will be getting the best training with me as your mistress, the two very essential qualities are just OBEDIENCE and UNFLINCHING LOYALTY, once any of that is missing, we both know things can't work well... I want you to be very free to discuss anything with me at anytime. Even though, you might be dominant outwardly, your inner desires remains to be explored and with both of our collective efforts. I believe we can make that happen... Specifically, as a mistress I'm meant to guide, direct and control you. However, I promise you that it will be a memorable experience. Tell me in more details about your fetishes. I hope to hear from you. Mistress Amy My intending slave, I have been really busy this past days that's why i haven't replied your mail. I hope you have been having a good run in your personal life, with work and all. I have my dungeon in my house so sessions will be at mine and when we have your toys, you wouldn't need to bring anything when you would be another world for you to come into. The length of relationships aren't as important as their quality, don't you think? If we are to move ahead with this you will have to agree with my rules concerning this relationship, as that's the only way we can guarantee a safe and emotionally healthy relationship within a short time. so they are; 1. My slave will always address me as Goddess/Mistress. DON'T forget this and you should always respond to any of my mail as soon as possible as a show of respect. 2. My slave would always be loving, faithful, Loyal, caring, honest, trusted straightforward, committed, communicated passionate and romantic. 3. You must NEVER doubt or argue with my decisions. As my slave i command you to delete your profile from the web dating sites, whichever one you sign up with. because as a mistress i like been focus to my slave. and i don't share slave and I shall always supersede your own, and My tiniest whim is your absolute law. 4. You must NEVER do anything bdsm related without my permission first. 5. .My slaves speaks in third person speech. Therefore you shouldn't use the words

Status of report:  is still without proof

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