Scam report about Elizevata, Lizetta, Liza, Lisa, Lizzy, Lisa Millner; Melnik; Melnyk; Tirekhina, Terekhina, Ter

First name:  Elizevata, Lizetta, Liza, Lisa, Lizzy, Lisa
Last name:  Millner; Melnik; Melnyk; Tirekhina, Terekhina, Ter
Aka:  see above
Age:  27, maybe as high as 32
Location:  Lviv, Ukraine; possibly Russia
Address:  23 Mazepy Street #107
Phone:  380 32 0939341465
On websites:  Streamate as
Report:  Nothing different of what you read, falling in love quickly, sob stories, just really good at it. I'd say, since everybody calls her nice hearted on website, her ability to quickly go from nice hearted to off website and into text messages is amazing. Then you get Sexy IMs and more lies. Complete narco sociopath. She has husband who has no problem whoring her out.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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