Scam report about helena mensah

First name:  helena
Last name:  mensah
Age:  35
Location:  accra ghana
On websites:  girlsdateforfree
Report:  helena_prettyone: I Really love you with all my Heart Stephen.. helena_prettyone: helena_prettyone: stevieb2116: I know babe i feel the same.xxxx helena_prettyone: Yes...Honey...Sorry to tell you honey....Tommorow is my Brithday honey....Then i will be turning to 36 yrs honey... stevieb2116: Why be sorry babe you are still young an beautiful.xxxx helena_prettyone: Awww....Thanks for your Compliments... helena_prettyone: I Love you more and more honey.. stevieb2116: Be back in ten minute's babe got to go see someone my mate.xxxxx helena_prettyone: Okay honey... helena_prettyone: Love you helena_prettyone: Tak care helena_prettyone: helena_prettyone: helena_prettyone: Hello Honey...Are you back then honey? stevieb2116: just back babexxxx helena_prettyone: Okay honey.. stevieb2116: Whhat you doin now babe?xxxxx helena_prettyone: Well...Nothing much only thinking about you honey. stevieb2116: You are all i can think about babexxxx. helena_prettyone: Awww...Same here too honey....I Really like you soo much honey...Love you more and more honey.. helena_prettyone: stevieb2116: Awww that's sweet babexxxx Love you more by the helena_prettyone: Awww...Same here honey...You putting lovely smiles on my face honey.... helena_prettyone: I Love you Stephen : stevieb2116: Really wish i could see your smiling face babexxxx helena_prettyone: Awww....Honey...Same here too honey...My Sick Grand mum is calling me...I Think she needs me then honey... helena_prettyone: I will be going soon and am going to miss you honey.. helena_prettyone: stevieb2116: You be back on later babe so we can say night night love you helena.xxxxthis is some of the message's posted today.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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