Scam report about Daniela 

First name:  Daniela
Age:  36
Location:  Sydney and Prague
Phone:  +612 80912957, +420 792 353 453
On websites:  Foreign Love Finder
Report:  this person starts off by creating an interest and then following on with requests to know more and even if you do send a reply with virtually no information long comes back a huge response about their life and their wanting is unlike some requesting another e-mail answering the questions and a swag of pictures. says is that she is from Czechoslovakia and has only been in Australia a short time with the help of her uncle This continues for some period of time and then miraculously after firstly saying that they would be happy holidays and spending a week with you to get to know you all of a sudden they have had to go home to Europe. Gives a phone number and call me be back very soon to meet up and see. Then there are family problems that are holding her up and she might have to delay a return. The family problems are that the house mother has agreed to buy is being sold out from under her because there was no written contract and they need to find money quickly. They have searched all the relatives and everyone they know and they are having no luck. Then is the request we can come up with some of it but could you please help by sending us firstly $15,000 and then as the desperate please continue the last request was for $3000. As soon as it is finalised and you send the money Darling I will be home to be with you. As soon as I refuse to send the money saying that I would not be able to arrange anything until she was back in Australia and I met her the communication searched immediately. None of the phones answer any more and no e-mails.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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