Scam report about Ethel Weber

First name:  Ethel
Last name:  Weber
Age:  37
Location:  Accra Ghana
Phone:  011 233 577360502
On websites:  Skype
Report:  I originally became involved with Ethel Weber though She initially made first contact with me. She claimed to be temporarily living with a friend in New Jersey. She told me when I first became acquainted with her she had to return to her home city of Accra in Ghana. I corresponded with Ethel for approximately 3 months. One of the most unusual requests she made was for me to quickly open a bank account so she could send Ghana money into the USA bank account. She wanted me to in-turn send those USA dollars back through money gram so she could convert it back into Ghana money. Fortunately after having talked to 2 different banks they felt that behavior was highly suspicious & thankfully for my benefit they refused to open a bank account under such circumstances. I sent her money through money gram 13 times for a total of $6,000.00. The money was requested to obtain a USA Visa & passport. An airline ticket which itinerary included stops in Dubai & JFK New York City then on into Las Vegas my home city. It was allegedly a one way ticket. Ethel Weber was the recipient of all 13 of the money gram transfers. We communicated by cell phone, Skype & through e-mail. Very early when we started communicating through Skype I asked her if we could video Skype & she claimed her laptop did not have a webcam. She claimed to live her

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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