Scam report about Tamar Kukla

First name:  Tamar
Last name:  Kukla
Age:  30
Location:  Georgia, Tbilisi
Address:  Address: street Kuchishvili 20-5 Postcode: 0179
On websites:  amateur match
Report:  The girl Tamar from Tbilisi got my e-mail from a web dating page, she sent me the first contact info from this address Tamare P. Knowles and we began the sending of letter almost everyday during aproximately 2 months. I was doubts because she doesn?t wanted answer some questions about her family, some questions were answered with few words, after she sent me a picture with my name in a paperboard wrote by she. With PC?s software I investigated the picture and it was maden by a real pen (not by office program) and the shadow of her hands says the picture was real (not fake). She solicited me USD 520 for passpport and visa, I sent her USD 600 by Western Union money transfer for the documents, after some days she solicited me USD 1,950 for the ticket of airplane but 2 days I solicited her more information about the travel. After 1 months after I did a letter saying I got USD 1,000 to catch her attention only and she reply solicit me that other USD 1,000 and I solicited a probe of real love (copy of visa and passport), and she doesn?t send me letter no more.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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