SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Michele Coghlan

First name: Michele
Last name: Coghlan
Age: 43
Location: Logas, Nigeria
On websites: DATING SITES
Report:     Michele Coghlan scammed ME Out of more than $75,000 from 3/30/15 to 8/18/15.SHE will promise you the world, love you till death do us part. The only problem after 10 attempts to fly out of Nigeria she never made one flight. She always needed $2500 BTA FUNDS AND PLANE TICKETS. She is the biggest scammer out there GUYS, PLEASE Avoid this pig. Her daughter and Mother supposedly died and of course she needed multiple surgerys and housing with no Insurance and such. SHE IS MAJOR TROULBLE. PLEASE POST SO OTHER MEN DONT GET SCAMMED BY THIS PIG LIKE I HAVE.
Status of report: is still without proof