SCAM REPORT ABOUT  micah jane onan

First name: micah jane
Last name: onan
Aka: mary craine
Age: 29
Location: butuan city philippines
Phone: 639183176878
On websites: cherryblossom
Report:     well it started herr and i talked for weeks and then she had issues with a fire she lost eveything supposedly. so i helped her with money for food and rent. then we talked and she needed money for new camera for computer which turned into a whole computer a week later. I insisted because i wanted her on video to proove it was her. It was one thing after another she then clained she had a work visa in proccess and wanted to live with me. so after all this i requested scans of the passport and application. she sent everything but was all fake. I emailled her and snapped saying it was over. all in all she got 1100$
Status of report: is still without proof