Scam report about Anita Brown

First name:  Anita
Last name:  Brown
Aka:  magabel2
Age:  32
Location:  Kumasi,Ghana
Address:  Anita Brown B13/G Kotei, Deduako Kumasi Ashanti Region Ghana West Africaun,Anita Brown Box 137 Offinso Ashanti Region Ghana west Africa
Phone:  00233248926103unknown
On websites:  skype
Report:  Pastor- Norway. This person, Anita Brown, appeared one day last march 2015 on Skype. Asking me to ? add me !? She looked tiny and innocent. Having daughters same age, I added her, I usually do not for the many requests which come. She told me that she was from Finland. Mother from Ghana, Father from Finland. Only child and the parents had been killed in a car accident in 2010. She sent me a passport copy showing her birthdate 4 june 1983. ( already then, I should have checked with the finish embassy, the validity of the passport , but I had never been conned like this before ) She had been depressed several years after the death of parents but went to South Africa in 2012 to study and search for her african roots.She told me that currently she was in South Africa, studying Business and Marketing at a private college in Cape Town. She also used to attend the Methodist Mission church She was now going to use her last money to go to Kumasi , Ghana to continue her studies at KNUST. Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology. She was remaining with 6 months to complete her Bachelour of Business and Marketing.She had obtained a transfer and wanted to be near her grandmother. After a few days, She came to Ghana, she said, contacted me again and told me that she discovered that her grandmother had tubercolosis and she couldn`t stay with her. If I could help her pay for a room. Beside being a pastor , I am also running aid projects to Africa. I felt she was genuine and offered to pay for a room, rent for 6 months and also to pay for utensils and a bed etc. She sent me a few pictures, looking very kind and innocent. One day, suddenly she sent a nude picture of herself. I told her that I do not involve myself in such things, if she wanted to send me pictures. They must be pictures with her clothes on. I got very angry also, but never told her, imagine sending a nude picture to a pastor !!!! I erased the picture, but felt that she was a perverted kid who needed spiritual councelling and care. The picture became a symbol of her lostness and desperation, therefore I decided to continue the contact. If she didn`t have parents, I could be a parent to her by chatting to her now and then, and send her the Word of God. She expressed gratitude, told me how she was putting her life in the hands of God. And we chatted very often about things of daily life, studies, poems, about Bible and God. Never anything indecent. Never anything sexual or perverted. She asked copies of my sermons and I told her about my projects in Africa. She was studying Business and Administration and after finishing she wanted to become involved in helping others. She even sent me a picture where she is playing with kids. She called them destitutes. But, the picture was manipulated and the kids are neither malnurished or destitute. ( I discoverd too late ) After a while she needed money for many things. Better housing, clothes, a fridge, she had to do some travels to Cape Coast to write a project for her bachelour.I gave her a loan, I told her you can pay us back when you finish your studies, get a job and start earning your own money. The requests for money became so frequent that I had to say. We will sponsor you with 500 cedis twice a month so that you can finish your school. But her water broke, electricity was cut off etc. Etc. She had nowhere else to turn, rather than to me. Completely lonely in the world with a sick grandmother. I felt I was talking to one of my daughters, she made me feel that I stood up for my daughter. And, if she was real, and in misery I would gladly have done. I told her, I am never asking you anything in return. No strings attached, only you will pay back some of the money I give you as a loan. I always felt the conflict of believing her or not, almost gave up several times but had no proof. But I thought. Okey, she might be cheating me of the money. I will leave that to God. If the story she tells me is true, I will keep my promises, hopefully she will experience Gods care through my assistance and prayers. I insisted that we talk on the phone. She said she had a phone which could only deal with messages. And if I insisted, she would have to walk 45 minutes to nearest telephone booth. I never came to be. I insisted on receiving copies of receipts and her student ID card. Finally she sent to me a ID card supposedly from KNUST. However, by checking with the University it was fake. The finnish passport was also fake. I prayed to God to show me the truth. I found the same pictures of her on this your web site and everything was disclosed. She calles herself Anita Brown. I do not know if ?she? is a male or a female. She is sending me pictures of the notorious scammer : Marilyn Anna Lane. Well known by stop-scammers. Completely cynical and evil. She might be in Ghana or America, I do not know. What I know is that nothing is sacred to her. She is saying her finnish father was named Robert Aapro , he and her mother died in a car accident. Lying about deaths to get sympathy. She willingly talks about God . Always send ? God Bless you !? When you argue against her, she shows that she is a world class manipulator. I guess she is ruled by demons, serving the Devil himself . Never try to argue with her, you will find your selves entangled in a net which is very difficult to come out of. She played on my empathy to help poor people and to reach out to people with the word of God. She make me feel that I am leaving her to prostitution or death if I abandon her. Therefore I wanted to be sure before I cut the contact, I would rather lose money than leaving somebody in misery. I leave to God to handle her, ? as a person sows he will also reap? mocking honest people like this, lying about everything sacred . I never thought it was possible !!! They say the devil is beautiful . My feeling is that I never knew, until I saw her pictures. Pastor - Norway

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