SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Rebecca Boateng

First name: Rebecca
Last name: Boateng
Age: 32
Location: Accra , Ghana
Address: unknpo box 15263 Accra North, Kwame Nkuma Street block 65, Accra, Ghana, postcode 00233own
On websites: Sex Direct Uk ? Global personals Ltd
Report:     Initally i was pon this site as paying member. I recieved seceral contact requests, i did not follow any up. It soon became clear to me the site is a major fraud in reality with people regd there who arent, profiles by the thousand with no photos who are mostly scammers begging for money with some sob story or other. I cancelled my me,baership and tried to highlight this to management, very rude, very abrupt and completely dismissive, didnt want to know and even hung up on me with phone when i tried again!!! Then one day some time later i got a message by email on googlemail form a woman i did not know or recognise from the site or anywhwhere else. I aske here where she got my eail from
Status of report: is still without proof