Scam report about Elizaveta Tirekhina

First name:  Elizaveta
Last name:  Tirekhina
Aka:  Uses combinations of first names: Elizevata, Lizetta, Liza, Lisa; Last names: Miller; Melnik; Melnyk; Tirekhina, Terekhina
Age:  27
Location:  Lviv, Ukraine
Phone:  380 32 939 341465
On websites:  Streamate as
Report:  Claims to be and sends photos as poor, single, abandoned mom. Hid the truth on social websites for years. Actually married. Husband a jobless loser who does nothing but lifts weights everyday while he pimps her out for money. She gets you off website quickly and uses texts/phone calls for several months then starts w/ the sob stories without specifically asking for money. I feel sorry for her son, assuming it is hers ... He's gonna be a mess. Goes for Skype blackmail scam at the end, but couldn't get me. But be warned, she's that ruthless. Her tags on websites talk about how sweet she seems, yet I know she is only after money and could care less of the damage she causes to others lives. A true narcissist lying sociopath. I had moved on and no longer cared, but then she started mocking me on her website. (aka narc supply). So now the internet will know all about her ... Karma will take her out. It's already taken out her hair, and it's just getting started. You just can't do that to people on purpose without it coming back around.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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