Scam report about Chloe Kelloggs

First name:  Chloe
Last name:  Kelloggs
Age:  26
Location:  Orlando, Florida
Address:  Belmont At Freemason Apartments 260 W York St Norfolk, VA
Phone:  (757) 707-9907
On websites:
Report:  Hello Joseph, I just got time to read and respond to your email, i am so full of awe at the way your emails are being written.Though things has been so hectic and had a lot to do and with little time to get everything sorted i just had to stay away from the internet so i can deal with other things,but somewhere in my mind i have always hoped you would have emailed me..Anyway,thanks for your email..I must confess i really like your straight forwardness and direct to the point approach towards life..yes i live alone and i have been for a few years now.I think we really do have lots in common and i want you to know i will really love to meet you when i get back to the states and hopefully see if we could get to see that spark that'll shoot the friendship to the next level...I havent really seen a lot of places yet, but i guess a good date would be a good way of getting to hang out and also going on site seeing..What is your idea of a perfect date?As for me i think i Night out on a Dinner will be great after then maybe we could go to the cinemas to watch a movie should be an awesome idea.I think you really know what you want in a woman and i know what i want in a partner as well,so meeting each other face to face shouldnt not a bad idea..I really dont know what else to add right now, like i said before i am still new to this, but i guess we could really get to know more about each other if we put in some effort..Well i will take my time to put my questions in numbers and hope by the end of this i'd have achieved my aim of knowing some things about you without really invading your privacy..So here it goes; 1...What are your likes and dislikes in a relationship? 2...Whats your greatest dream/or goal in life?Has it been achieved yet? 3?What have you done over the past month on the weekends? 4...Are you ready for a serious relationship? 5...What do you remember most about your childhood? 6...When was the last time someone lived with you and how did you know them? 7...When was your last relationship? 8...If we finally meet in person and then we go on a date and i finally agree to start a serious relationship with you how would you treat me? 9...Have you ever hurt any woman before? 10...What exactly do you want from me? 11?What is your mode of transportation? 12?Where did you go on your last trip? 13?Describe you perfect day off. 14?What is your favorite food? 15?If I asked your best friend about you what would they the say they liked and what would they dislike? I hope to hear from you soon..Chloe Letter Two: Oh thanks for the very nice email Joseph, i love the way you answered the questions.Though I have been very busy out here with the seminar ending at the start of the weekend so i have to get things all sorted so i can return immediately,so i get tired when i get back to the hotel,and sometimes its so very hard for me to check my email as often as i should but i do look forward to hearing from you and I really appreciate your responses to my email.. i want you to know i am very satisfied with what i read in your email,your answers to my question is very satisfactory.Now i will take my time to answer all the questions like you did so that we will be even on it. -Do you have any brothers or sisters? I am an only child, though my mom remarried a few years ago, and i dot know if she's got more kids now.Not actually in good terms with her. - Also how was your day today ? or yesterday depending on when you read this? I am ok thanks and you? -What are your likes and dislikes in a relationship? Well i want you to know that i am a one man woman and i do not cheat when i am in a relationship so i like the fact that my man is a one woman man as well,i like a man been romantic,passionate and affectionate at every point in time and i like the ability to be able to spend quality time with my man.I hate dishonesty in a relationship,non-nonchalant attitude,lies,cheats,self centered man,lack of communication and not been open minded, -Are you ready for a serious relationship? Yes i am ready to start a serious relationship if i meet the right person.I have been really heart broken but i thank God for giving me the power to overcome the heartbreak from my ex. -What i remember most about my childhood is the picnics with my dad, road trips and lovely surprises i get from him as i was the only kid -When was the last time someone lived with you and how did you know them? The last time i lived with someone was when i was with my ex boyfriend and i want you to know that i dont keep friends for some certain reasons best known to me. -What exactly do you want from me? Hmmm for now friendship, honesty, with the hope of getting to meet someday soon, and hopefully there would be a genuine spark later on and then something meaningful that could be defined will come out of the friendship. -What is your mode of transportation? For now a Taxi, just sold my Toyota Camry and yet to get a new one -Describe your perfect day off? A day off for me will be resting at home and reading a book, so watching a sitcom or you could find me at the cinemas. -If I asked your best friend about you what would they the say they liked and what would they dislike? I wish i could just tell you that my closest friend would tell you i am straight forward, easy going and very easy to mingle with..I am a what you give is what you get kind of person..I am straight forward and dont really like to bit around the bush..Life is too short we have to live it to the fullest, that's a good phrase to me, but it doesnt mean we have to live it wild either..I try to set my goal and priorities and i do all it takes to achieve what i set out to...but then i dont have really close friends,...I do not keep male or female friends,i do not trust friends (Will tell you why someday),i have been betrayed by my friends so i deceived not to keep any of them again..Still a healing process for me but with time i guess i'd have to let the past go. -explain to me why you feel it is important to know if I live alone or not? I never said it's important that you live alone, i just asked to know that's all..I live alone and i shared that with you already. While answering the all questions some other questions popped up in my head and i'd like to ask you that again, but now, i wont put them to numbers and will also take the lead and answer them first. sounds ok to you? What is your longest relationship? I have only had one real relationship which lasted 4yrs, besides that, the rest were just childhood crushes and fantasies so i dont think they really count. How long ago was your last relationship? My last relationship was about 18 months ago, though i have gone on dates after then, but nothing came out of those dates. What do you like most about me from our communications? I like your direct approach to life..You are kind of patient and analytic in some ways and also have a way of communicating that makes me feel like i have known you for quite some time, how you do it? i dont know. What's your biggest fear? Hmmm, i usually dont get asked this question and dont know what i'm asking you anyway,and like i said it just flashed my mind and i'm curious...To me, my biggest fears is to start something and not get to finish it,Or not succeeding. I'm sure you got tons of emails from other matches but What made mine stand out? Well to be honest, yours stand out because of your direct nature and you had a way you combined your words and that seems to me like a guy of integrity and intelligence and thats something i like..I wont lie, i've had a few others contact me, but in the end they were just Jerks who wanted something else, all they asked for was nude pics or wanted to talk dirty, but so far i'm impressed by you and you have totally stood out in your ways and composure. Do you like the city or a smaller town? I have lived in a small town before and also lived a city, and i would say i prefer the smaller town, its more peaceful and relaxing but the city provides more opportunity for me, so i have no choice than to love the city for now. Whats your favorite quality in a Lady?What attracts you? In my case i'm attracted to guys and not a guy, all i look for is a loving heart, someone straight forward, honest and loving in all ways, towards me and to others...What attracts me most is a lovely smile, doesnt have to be the most handsome man alive, but should be good looking enough to flaunt around.And like the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. - do you have any siblings? If so, what is your relationship with them like? The last time i checked i was the only child, but my mom remarried and i havent heard from her in a long time, so i dont know if she has more kids or not. - do you watch any sports? If so which ones? Yes i watch sports..I love Tennis, Soccer, Basketball and Nascar..I dont follow fanatically though. - favorite bands? I dont have a favorite, if you've got good music with good lyrics and rhythm then i'd dance to your - favorite movies? I love any good written script..Love romance, sci fi, Action..Anything with Nicolas cage in it,or John Travolta..Thats why i love Face off, Got both of then in one movie. - What has worked really well in some of your past relationships, what did the lack which ultimately made them not work? Patience, and endurance, commitment and Loyalty, absolute trust..When i stopped trusting, i felt less loyal and didnt get it back too, then the commitment was off and when i endured all the rubbish thrown at me for a while, then my patience ran out, so i left..So i think all what works for a relationship are key, and the lack of it break it off..Hope i answered your questions as you would have wanted me to. I think i have really taken my time to answer your questions and i am hoping i will impress you with my answers.I will be waiting to hear from you and i have a confession to make,I really do respect you a lot you are so direct and open, and i like that Anxiously waiting for a reply..Chloe Letter Three: Hi Joseph, i enjoyed all the answers to this questions and really loved your new questions too..I had a really long day yesterday and i am in a race against time right now, so i wouldnt have much time to email you like i did before, but i'd quickly answer these sets of questions before i head out, and would try to email you later on -Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Settled with a husband and at least a kid or 2, and of course already started my dream clothing store business and definitely would have stopped modeling. -What are some of your passions you might have, that you would hope I?d have as well? I am passionate about a few things in life,but what i'm most passionate about is seeing smiles on different faces. A simple smile may seem so little, but it is a universal language thats understood by all race.No matter the color or believes, that act of kindness that brings that simple smile on someone's face is what makes me happy and thats what i am passionate about. -How do you feel about growing older? Well i dont know how to answer this, but i some times dont want to age, because of the wrinkles and different stuffs that comes with it, but then ageing doesnt seem like such a bad idea some times.It comes with experience and most times wisdom so, i would just say i am kind of indifferent about it. -How do you feel about plastic surgery? That's a no no for me..Though i am not judgemental in anyway, for those who undergo it? It's their choice and what they want, but i have always believed and still believe there are adverse effects that comes with it in future which makes the need for more surgeries and at the end there would never be a solution. -How often have you been to the beach since you?ve been here? Never been to the beach..Just havent found time to or should i say, who to go with..It's never fun to go to the beach alone you know. -How often are you on face book? Used to use it but being hacked a few times and decided to stop using it -How much do you like fashion and the cost of designer brands? I'm a lady you know, we like those accessories to make us feel complete, but i am kind of lucky to have modeled some designer brands and in the process have some collections i never really had to buy. -Have you ever been skydiving? Would you go? Never tried it..And sure i'll love to try some day..But note, i've got some serious phobia for heights, but someone once said if i tried skydiving i'll probably be able to defeat my fear of heights,dont know how true that is though. -When is your Birthday? October 3rd, i'm Libra. -Are you ever going to have another dog? Yes i would, but would have to try and balance my time with work and the dog's need for attention though -If offered a half million dollar deal to move to Paris, would you go? I'll consider it lol, who wouldnt haha, but i wish they would just offer me one at home , dont ever see myself living anywhere else than the US, probably go visit, but never relocating. -Android or Apple? Android, Apple restricts a lot , never user friendly -How often do you take selfies? Some times. Well i hope you find my answers good enough for you, didnt spend alot of time on these ones. Hope to hear from you again soon.. Chloe Letter Four: Hello Joseph, Thanks for keeping in touch,i really enjoy and always look forward to reading your emails and i really would like to get to meet you and explore the possibilities we have in front of us when i get back..I also think we'll get along fine because we seem to share a lot of things in common so far.Well there are still a little about me, but i still think you need to know more about me and my past relationship because i am so open like that, and expect to know what i am bargaining for before i jump right into anything...I work in an industry where everything is superficial and competitive, but i am still new in the industry and i have only being modeling for about 4 years now..i lost my dad when i was 14yrs old although 2yrs later my mom remarried a drunk that tried to rape me that was in Tampa ,so i had to run to my grandma in Orlando where i grew up until now but grandma died 2years ago so i moved out to a smaller apartment that i maintain on my own now..My ex got me started in modeling, he was a photographer and he encouraged me to become a model although he was right about it, we just could not stay together anymore because in our 4 years of courtship, he cheated on me most of the time with other models.... I actually met him few months after i got to Orlando where i lived for several years before i relocated to Virginia told me i am a very pretty and will be a very good model after some months we started dating each other and he put me through a modeling training just for 3 weeks and became my agent/ manger, and that was how my modeling career started. We dated each other for 4 years after some time he started enrolling other girls like me into same modeling training and he started fucking anything under skirt. I have been going through this pains for years but later i had to move on because the relationship was all about business and i realized he never loved me but was just using me for money...At first i thought it was not his fault because i know its not really easy working with beautiful girls without getting involved with them sexually, then i thought he would change and learn to appreciate me but it only got worse and each time he always apologizes and i kept forgiving him..What actually hurt me most was when i walked in on my ex and my best friend sleeping with each other ... I was so devastated and later got to know that they had being doing it for 2 years out of our 4yrs relationship.Other friends of mine knew about it and they never thought it right to let me know .. instead they kept it away from me and helped cover the shameful act and made me look like a fool in every ones eyes and thats one of the very reason i broke it all off with him and moved out of where i was living for a few months, but one way or the other he tracked me down, and with all sorts of lies he almost succeeded in winning back my heart..I allowed him stay over for a few days, then i heard a phone conversation which got me suspicious, so i snooped around his phone when he wasnt suspecting and saw that he infact was still with the lady who used to be my best friend, she was going to have his baby and they already had arrangements to get married, so i thought what the heck, what does he want from me now..So i had to change base, and thats why i moved down to Norfolk where i believe he would never in his wildest dreams think i could ever go(Though i had been to Ocean View Golf Course, Studio Express, Hampton Inn Naval Base, Southside aquatic centre and Williams Farm all in Norfolk on photo shoots)..I was badly hurt when this happened so i decided to move on with my life and walk away from him cause he is evil and he nearly spoiled my life and career.Naturally i would have forgiven him but i just couldn't get the thought out of my head because i wasnt told about it but i caught him in bed with my best friend who was more like a sister to me. So thats how i lost the 2 people i love most in just one second. That was 18 months ago and now i am ready to move on with my life and give love another chance ( with the right man though )..It still hurts because he felt no sympathy for me or my stupid life after spending 4yrs of it with him i never really cared at first but since its making me too vulnerable i had to quit ,i have been silently suffering the pains until i decided enough is enough and i will not take anymore..i was very young and vulnerable then,Thats why i am being careful one my choice of man to love in order not to end up heart broken again..He never wanted me to do anything other than what he tells me to do, i can?t make friends all i do is stay at home and when he gets a contract then we go for it.Right now, i think what i need is a lover that i can call my friend, someone who will appreciate me for who i am, not just the looks or beauty but for what i stand for and what i believe in, and by the way you wrote about yourself, i think its worth giving this a try with you and hopefully work things out together.I thank God for my life now cause i am more matured and i know what i want in a man now.My reasoning which I understand is very strange in today's world, but my belief is my heart and soul, and the passion that is in it is very unique and special, so I made the decision to be patient before we can be sexually active in my next relationship until i am really certain that we are meant for each other and that i'm not been used or taken for granted or that the act is not just for the sake of just wanting sex, or to have sex for someone else's own self gratification because I want this special gift to be shared with the person I am dedicating the rest of my life to, as his Wife and the mother of his children...So tell me more about your past relationship,why dont you send me a few more pics of you if you dont mind me asking...i am looking forward to meeting you in person because i have a feeling about this and each time i think about you and the emails my heart skips. I would have being back from London, England already but i have some delays with my flight. What really happened is that i came here with a return ticket but i missed the return date on my ticket and when i tried to get money from an atm at the airport, my card was declined so i had to contact my bank and they told me that someone used my card to pay for 200 mobile phones on eBay. They had to cancel my cards and my accounts because they feel the person that go it might try to use it again. They told me that they will only refund my money when i get back and after they must have carried out some investigation but i will have to come personally to fill out some paper work. Now i have to get $850 to the airline agents here before they can reschedule my ticket for me.I really wish i should continue writing this mail to you cause i just want to let you in on everything about me but i guess i will have to wait for your reply first so that i can also read more about you and what your plans are. Do you have a google hangout account or a yahoo messenger it will be quite easier for us to chat too..Hope to hear from you soon...Chloe

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