Scam report about Svetlana 

First name:  Svetlana
Age:  33
Location:  Melbourne / Sydney
Phone:  0290984301
On websites:  ?
Report:  Told me Melbourne and one photo confirms this. Phone Number she contacted me from Sydney and I could never ring back. As letters show was flipped over me, then just dead cold no reply or contact, sure it is a scam. I have attached some of her mail to me, can supply rest if request. cheers Michael Plus send photos I have, she went cold when I congratulated her on not being a scam as I know the 1001 scam requests they all use................ Hi, When I see programmes about marriages in Australia I feel in shock, I'm truly sorry for guys. They're strong and beautiful, but they choose females, who are fat, ugly or cold like a snow-frigid! Where do boys look?? You know, my life needs man's presence, I am here to share bed and awesome dinner with a man like you! Do you dream of family weekends, dinners and calm life with your second half? if you do i?? I am positive we can get along with you really well! Some words about me i?? my name is Svetlana, I am a single beautiful girl, I have been living and working here in Australia for 5 months already. I'm totally happy with my life - but just miss love and affection and everything that comes with it! I like men who smell well, and give great hugs! I am sure, this is about you! It's pretty to make a first step forward! But I can't do anything about my emotions and desires. I dei??ided to break the rules, be the first and to contact you. I hope you don't mind. So, let`s make it short and easy: you interested me much! Just reply to and I will be the luckiest girl in the world!! Answer to me asap! Svetlana.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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