Scam report about Ann Polownikowa

First name:  Ann
Last name:  Polownikowa
Age:  28
Location:  Russia
Address:  20 Balakovo Lenina
Phone:  +79660963169
On websites:  facebook
Report:  I found your address on a dating site. I live in Balakovo. It is located in the southern part of Russia.If you are interested, you can look on the internet. I'm looking for a serious relationship. I am 28 years old and I want to start a family. I love my culture. What is your lifestyle? It's calm and intelligent life, or are you always on the go? I spoke with several men over the Internet before, but it was a bad experience. They seemed to be very smart, but then asked me to send him naked pictures. It is not acceptable to me. Mark I am looking for a serious relationship and not the game. I hope you like my photos. What do you think about it. You can send your photos. I'll wait. I hope we can become friends. I decided to send you a couple of my photos. Write me. Ann I am not on any dating site

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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