Scam report about Vivien Harrison

First name:  Vivien
Last name:  Harrison
Age:  38
Location:  USA, Toledo
Phone:  567-694-5990
On websites:  Facebook,
Report:  I met Vivien Harrison on Mate gave her my e-mail address and she contacted me on July 2nd, 2015 and we continued to chat and text until Sept.12th,2015.I did notice her English wasn't perfect, but at times she corresponded well. On July 30th,2015, I told her I would fly to Toledo, Ohio to meet her and her uncle. She immediately changed the subject and said it would be better for her to fly to Los Angeles. I should've just stopped talking to her, but eventually I agreed to send her money for air fare. Well she had trouble with baggage fees and sent another $200.Then she needed female hygiene products and send her more money. Then she needed gate fees and sent her more money. Well it I wound up sending around $1600 up to Sept.12th,2015. I know how stupid of me. The receiver of these transactions was named Eugene Bio, a client of her uncle William Bradford. Eugene Bio's address was Woodbridge, Virginia. There were approximately 6 or 7 transactions. They were sent thru MoneyGram. Well today after numerous threats from me to send my money back, Vivien Harrison did not respond to my texts. If possible I would like the name of Eugene Bio and William Bradford put on the federal list of scammers and banned from using MoneyGram and Western Union.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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