SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Marina Spiridonova

First name: Marina
Last name: Spiridonova
Aka: Mara
Age: 28
Location: Russia
Address: Sadovaya, home 16, 443536 Nikolaevka,
On websites: Badoo
Report:     Marina says she is a police officer in Russia. And sends pictures of here in uniform. When you get to talking about visiting. She sends you a travel document. (I contacted travel company, it's fake), Marina says she had to travel to Moskva to visit the Embassy. (I contacted the norwegian embassy, they never heard of her, and did not find her name in their register) Marina then sends you a plane ticket (I contacted the airline, and they tell me that the ticket is not valid, it is a blank ticket they have not sent out yet. And that ticket are registered to another name)
Status of report: is still without proof