SCAM REPORT ABOUT  tatyana Povalyaeva

First name: tatyana
Last name: Povalyaeva
Age: 28
Location: Novosibirsk
Report:     Little scammer emails me out of the blue. Same story as already written here...says she is not scammer, just wants to come to meet me to go to university near me. All set to come in two to three weeks. Then the bomb drops...she needs $240...finally its good news, she sold the fur coat and she is traveling to Moscow. Sends me some bogus documents, all excited and in love with me, thinking about me all the time. I am laughing at the stupid little skank. Then, she finds out she needs $360 to get the ticket because she has to buy round trip. I told her that I will buy a ticket and fly to Moscow to meet her - never heard from her again.
Status of report: is still without proof