Scam report about Ging 

First name:  Ging
Age:  40
Location:  Sindangan Philippines
On websites:  Christian Cafe
Report:  On this person's profile they made out they were from Sindangan New Jersey U.S.A. Mid Atlantic. Having being to the U.S.A (as I've mentioned many times in here) I don't know of a place called Sindangan New Jersey. When I mentioned this to her she wrote and said she was from the Philippines. She then altered her profile to state she was from Sindangan Philippines. Also on photo check it said the digital information on the photos sent was missing. This means the photos have been used before and some details altered. The person in this photo could well be the scammer. She seems to be unsure of where the U.S.A. is and Philippines is. Maybe a course in geography would help. But I'm not paying her for lessons. I've put her in here free of charge what else does she want? You can't please some people.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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