First name: Doris
Last name: Boahen
Age: 32
Location: Kumasai, Ghana
On websites: Yahoo, Yahoo Messenger & Skype
Report:     Doris Boahen will make the initial contact with you through Skype and after a brief conversation she will ask you to go to Yahoo Messenger. After several chat sessions will tell you she loves you and begin drawing you in and will eventually ask you if you want her to come to you and if you do she will need money to have her Passport renewed; a criminal investigation done; Medical papers done and insurances and give you prices for each one all totaling around $500.00. He will ask you to send her money for an airline ticket that she will buy the ticket herself. If you send money for an airline ticket she will eventually tell you that she cannot travel and will have to delay her trip because her girlfriends daughter was killed by a drunk driver and she would be staying to comfort her girlfriend and would travel at a later date. She will also ask that you send her small amounts of money for food stuffs. All money sent she will ask be sent by Western Union or a Money Gram. Doris Boahen will send via email photos of herself and will also send a copy of her criminal investigation rep[ort and Passport. These documents are fakes/forgeries. I don't know if she operates under any other names of not but her email address under the name of Doris is active and she had a Facebook account under the same name It took me a little while to catch on to her scam but only after I confirmed that the documents she sent me were fakes/forgeries. As far as the airline ticket is concerned, I told her I would purchase it from here. She insisted that I send her the money so she could buy it herself but I said no that I would buy it and have it as a counter pick up. Her reply was . . . .
Status of report: is still without proof