Scam report about Natalia Krichko

First name:  Natalia
Last name:  Krichko
Age:  31
Location:  Ukraine, city is Nikolaiev
Address:  54000
Phone:  00380990871463
On websites:  Ukraine date
Report:  She really is verry clever in the scam, i vissit her in Nikolaiev and it seems pretty good,the thing was she was divorced and lived with old landlady and she dident want me to vissit her flat becausse that landlady dident allowed it. A little alarmbel was going on but the rest of al she says seems to be the truth,the most discusting thing is that she used her 8 years old daughter for her scaming to let you trust her. I let her rent a new flat and i suported her with it,i was there in Nikolaiev when she moved in,but when i was home again she called me and say the flat was not good and she rent a bigger one for the same monney,but it was al one big scam,i think the day i left she asked her 2 months rent back and moved in with her socalled alcoholick landlady. I was planing to vissit her in november again, at the same time she sayed she was going to Kiev to make a intervieuw for schengen visa for her and her daughter,i payed via western union for the 2 documents ,but the day i asked for a picture of those new documents she was disepeared from the earth. Later i heard from a friend of her that she is stil married and scaming is what she do for a living. The little monney she scamed is not the problem,ofcourse it is waste monney,but oke,what i dont like is the using of her 8 years old daughter,what kind of education she gives the child??? To become also a scamer?? I always are verry conservative about getting compliments and letters and mails from the most looking woman on earth,i know that if it looks to good to be true,it mostley is to good to be true. I never send her any monney or goods bevore the first meeting,we have chat and called 4 months almost every day bevore i fligh to Ukraine to vissit her,so she really is a proffesional and i want to warn everyboddy for her,guys dont fal in to her,i am smart and really with both legs on this earth,and i know that scaming is a daily buisines ,but i never thought she was one,she really did it clever and smart,i must give her that.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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