Scam report about Yana 

First name:  Yana
Age:  35
Location:  Kiev, Ukraine
On websites:  Jump4Love
Report:  She stated how much she wanted me and loved me but refused to offer contact information. Her last letters before I reported her to jump4love were very generic. She suggested I offer to take her on exotic holiday travel after she refused to offer me contact information.Highly suspicious and no reason to refuse information or block unless she was hiding something more. I reported her and complained to but they did nothing except verify her video was real from agency (never once did they offer to show me evidence she was real) and said that was sufficient and they refused to refund credits back. I recommend me use their site with extreme caution as now I find several women listed are found married. They have no legitimate anti-scam policy and take customer money with no care if woman is a scammer or not. You have to really complain to get credits back. Very shady operation. I want to write you something interesting. I would like to offer you a holiday together. Ready? With age, work and responsibility is growing. In our lives adds a lot of responsibilities and important cases. Adults should ensure that not only themselves but also their families, especially if they can not do it yourself. But the most interesting thing is that as a child we want to become more adult and mature. We want to finish school, university and get a job. But we do not know what we can expect after this choice. The life of an adult often boring and not interesting. It is filled with different events that are associated with the work, and not to relax. Therefore, my letter will touch a great stay of two lovers. Ready to hear my idea? We worked so hard, I think we deserve a rest. What do you think about this ? Are you ready to go on a journey with me? You wonder my idea? I want you to have the opportunity to relax and get away from all your problems. Together, we can go to a warm country. For example, in the place that you like, which you yourself can choose. Recently, we have so strained that we need time to rest. We need to take a breath and breathe new fusion for work and life. I know you're busy a lot of time, and so I want to offer a joint vacation. What do you think ? Do you agree ? We can discuss this in more detail, if you are interested in this. I hope that you want to spend time with me. This idea came to me spontaneously today, when I was returning home after work. I realized that I was tired of the daily routine and my duties. I want a change of scenery and I want to do it with you. I need you to tell me if you are ready to do it. We can go to any country with a warm climate and just have a good time together. I feel that you need it. You need to relax and forget about your problems At least for a few days. We need to spend time together, without the Internet, without the phone just you and me. Do you agree with me ? Do you want to do ?? I await your response and your suggestions Kissing Yours Yana

Status of report:  is still without proof

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