Scam report about Margaret Mason

First name:  Margaret
Last name:  Mason
Age:  58
Location:  Ghana
On websites:  topface
Report:  this woman caled Margaret mason was on a dating site called topface ,we started to chat when she turned round about 4 weeks after if we could chat on Sykpe so i said ok but soon after i smelled a rat she said she he dad was german and her mother scots ,after a while she kept asking me to top up her phone as she is on an 02 number she said that she was having trouble with trying to top up her phone so i said ok but she said the voucher numbers that i had sent her were void so i said she sounded genuine enough so i did so that was?20 .A couple of days later we were chatting on site she told me she was a charity worker and had to go with te goods to distribute in Ghana , i started becoming suspicious as she kept making terrible mistakes it was then she asked me if i could help her bring 2 children back to the uk i point blankly refused her ,she came on the next time saying how sorry she was and that could i send her ?750 tocover the cost of food and accomodation for te supposed to kids she was trying to bring the UK she then said the children have lots of gold and if i sent her the money we could share and i wrote back yes and i am santa , she then told me to go **** myself that was the last of it but her name is on skype Margaret.mason 76 @skype

Status of report:  is still without proof

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