Scam report about fawzia mamudu

First name:  fawzia
Last name:  mamudu
Aka:  alice primanto
Age:  30
Location:  rancho cucamonga california
Phone:  949-535-4132, 233240533434
On websites:
Report:  As a first time user I got schooled hard, probably wont use online this way anymore. So Alice Primanto, the name used with me contacted me through commenting on my profile. She provided me with a telephone number to text and converse. We proceeded to move to hangouts app with Google. Initially for like 3-4 weeks we were conversing 2 - 3 hours a day in the evening like 2 high school teenagers. I admit I became infatuated with her. We discussed values I am a Christian so naturally for me being a Christian is important. It seemed she would be like reading my mind or something! I let her lead and I would follow up. Well versed in Christianity, said not many people believe in God anymore. She said she was left a jewelry store that her late dad had past. Lived in Rancho Cucamonga CA and had both a grannie and Uncle living in the area too. I knew she had an accent just from the paraphrasing of her words. Eloquent writer too. She definitely has skills, when I became suspicious started just before she was to travel to Ghana to buy gold for the store.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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