SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Priscilla Anning

First name: Priscilla
Last name: Anning
Aka: Pearl Cyhllah Mcblue
Age: 19
Location: Kumasi, Ghana
Phone: +2334249316763
On websites: Facebook, instagram, skype,ebay
Report:     I am a Ghanaian and live in Ghana. It hurts me to know my country is listed in top scam countries and though most of these scammers are known locally reporting to the police is just another useless effort as scammers easily bribe them. The girl is being used by a guy called Jeffrey Kodua to scam and she is quite aware of it. Your site has no place for people who know scammers in person to report them which us quite bad. I can tell for sure now scammers don't use models again. They use real local girls who are many a time their girlfriends using different names on Facebook like Jeffrey is doing now. These girls like Priscilla usually are from poor homes and exploited by their boyfriends. I will send a picture of her I found on her phone that was used to scam but the rest is up to you guys to unravel since getting information about their activities have yield no result than this. She is an old student of TOASE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and completed last year. Most scammers are secondary school boys using girls. You get her on Facebook with the name Pearl Cyhllah Mcblue.
Status of report: is still without proof