Scam report about sandra john

First name:  sandra
Last name:  john
Aka:  yussif
Age:  33
Location:  london and ghana
On websites:  mingle2 and skype
Report:  this woman only want you to send monye for a new webcam if you dont she say go away this is from skype [12:11:50] warren wikblad: send on my mail [12:11:56] sandra yussif: okay [12:11:58] warren wikblad: not come [12:12:21] sandra yussif: okay.....okay my dear i hope you send me some money to buy a new wedcam [12:15:03] warren wikblad: there wasno pics on the mail [12:15:19] sandra yussif: i am now sending it okay [12:18:56] warren wikblad: ok [12:42:24] warren wikblad: nothing [12:43:16] sandra yussif: hi [12:43:39] warren wikblad: dont get any mail yet [15:40:04] sandra yussif: I will mail again okay [15:40:20] sandra yussif: can I see you now [16:19:44] warren wikblad: still not get any mail [17:51:28] sandra yussif: hi [17:51:36] sandra yussif: I have sent it okay [18:42:30] warren wikblad: yea but no pictures on mail [19:09:41] sandra yussif: how are you my dear [19:10:11] warren wikblad: dont see you [19:10:34] *** Samtal fran sandra yussif *** [19:10:34] *** Samtalet avslutades, langd: 00:42 *** [19:10:55] sandra yussif: my dear do you no that the wedcam is not for and I hope you help get one.? [19:11:34] warren wikblad: you know my point there [19:12:05] sandra yussif: okay so that do you say about that my dear horney [19:12:50] warren wikblad: i told you no dear [19:13:11] warren wikblad: the mail you sent is nothing in thm [19:14:12] sandra yussif: okay so what should I do now should isend you there address to send me some money to buy it here my love...? [19:14:25] sandra yussif: Trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness. No matter how much you love someone if you don't have these ingredients you will never succeed. [19:15:13] warren wikblad: i told you i DONT SeND monye [19:15:47] sandra yussif: than way do you want to see me [19:17:06] warren wikblad: I want but its not up to me [19:17:35] sandra yussif: you ever try and send some small money [19:17:54] sandra yussif: 30pounds my dear you can help me with that [19:18:09] warren wikblad: I said no NO NO [19:19:17] sandra yussif: than go away

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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