Scam report about jane 

First name:  jane
Age:  30
Location:  ghana
Phone:  123456764
On websites:  mingle2,skype
Report:  all was goig well untill she start asking for money for a house i have pictures to [2015-11-23 18:40:18] Jane: me too dear [2015-11-23 18:40:53] warren wikblad: want to see you live on cam and your pussy [2015-11-23 18:41:30] Jane: you will dear [2015-11-23 18:41:52] warren wikblad: mmm when will that happen [2015-11-23 18:43:01] Jane: Am trying to secure a place of my own then i will be free to do anything i feel like [2015-11-23 18:43:19] warren wikblad: mm i cant wait baby [2015-11-23 18:43:58] Jane: Alright dear [2015-11-23 18:44:52 | Redigerat 18:45:05] warren wikblad: yes hun I so much wish you was here now [2015-11-23 18:46:12] Jane: me too dear [2015-11-23 18:46:50] warren wikblad: mmmmmmmmmmmm [2015-11-23 18:47:02] warren wikblad: (inlove) (kiss) [2015-11-23 18:48:02] Jane: Or dear will you help me to secure a house [2015-11-23 18:48:24] warren wikblad: how will I do that [2015-11-23 18:48:59] Jane: you mean [2015-11-23 18:49:41] warren wikblad: how could i secure a house for you,and you coming here you dont need a house [2015-11-23 18:52:31] Jane: I mean here [2015-11-23 18:53:27] Jane: am staying with one of my friend and she's married [2015-11-23 18:54:16] warren wikblad: ok but how can i help [2015-11-23 18:57:03] Jane: there is a place my friend husband got for me but am yet to get the money [2015-11-23 18:58:16] warren wikblad: yea and that will be how much

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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