First name: janet
Last name: rego
Age: 42
Location: lagos nigeria
Phone: 3128799246
On websites: ashley madison
Report:     I was contacted by Janet Rego via a text message. She claimed to be in Nigeria finalizing her fathers estate which was worth at least 2 million dollars. She requested funds to pay for lawyer fees and daily upkeep for her and her 10 yr old daughter. She had no one else to turn to, living uncle in CA ( whom I called to verify) Requested money sent western union and money gram. sent money in her name Janet Rego also Uche Okafor. Sent her a total of around $8,000 USD over a period of 3 months. Every time her flight home was near something else came up, more money needed. Talked to her on the phone several times, Nigerian number 2349056141004. finally tired of playing the game, said she needed another $2500 for the final lawyer fee and to contact her fathers estate lawyer at to arrange this final payment
Status of report: is still without proof